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Surprised at how TPG Tech Support dealt with me in the latest call

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Hi Ingham1946,


We apologise that you haven't received the service you expected.


We had a look at your TPG account and can see that your case is now being handled by our Customer Relations Team.


The Complaint Resolution Case Manager will be in touch as soon as possible to address your concern.


We'll keep an eye on this matter as we strive to make your service experience the best.


We hope to turn your experience around.




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Hi Again

As of Now i got a call from some nice lady in Phillipines, i Told her everything, but took do notice of what i said only was trying to make me an offer to get off the talk about the Tech.

But did not offer to fix my problem as TPG does not have a tech that fixes things, only gives advice on what to buy,

What happened to TPG it was Australian run, but no more.

I have decided not to go to TPG Head office, Just will find another suppliers, this is not about price it is service. TPG was Australian Basid at the time i started had great service.

The next thing i said email a statement of my account, There aswer was we do not sent Statements or Invoices (What do TPG Do) Talk your money with were little else.

(I take my car to a tech he fixes it does not ask me to go and buy parts, but he charges me for them THAT is a Tech) It is like me I am a computer Hard Ware Tech, Do not ask my clients to buy a hard drive, I supply that part,) I am just trying to find a tech to fix my internet NOT HARD i guess is it hard with TPG



We truly understand how inconvenienced you feel right now, @Ingham1946


We have a very large call centre operation that is fully managed, owned and operated by TPG. Our staff are fully trained and equipped to help with any issue you may have. We have specialist teams, technical teams and specialist complaint resolution teams, fully trained and equipped to best assist you. 


I realised that your assigned Case Manager was the one who contacted you today and sent you an email pertaining to the concern raised. 


If you have any other query regarding this case, please do not hesitate to contact your assigned officer directly via return mail.


Thank you. 

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Hi Moderator

Thanks for reply

I just typed a long letter that i just delited

As i can see you do your job well

Shame the other do not do the same

They do not listen to the client just by the script. I do not want anymore emails or phone calls from them

I have done all they ask again spent $700 and Now waiting for the OPTUS Tech he said he would re do my modem today at 9am when he is nearby.

Would never ask again for your tech as he has to ask his boss on the phone what to do. I guess TPG cannot get good tech, 

PS no speed again  so have to teather of my phone to send this

Have a good day

Sorry to tell you this must be hard when you get all this bad stuff




Thank you for getting back to us, Ingham1946.


Please allow our Customer Relations Team to help you further as we are all determined to resolve your outstanding issues concerning our services. 


In fact, we had a look at your connection and it seems to be fast and stable.


Are you still getting slow speeds?


If so, we'll notify the Case Manager for further handling.

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I have been with TPG for 13 years and not once, in this whole time, have I needed any technical support.  Then along came the NBN.


I was connected to the NBN in March 2020 and from day one I have had intermittent problems with connectivity using the TPG supplied modem - TP-Link Archer VR1600 v2.


Three months later and after many hours trolling the internet for solutions, I came across this post which started in 2018.  Here it is 2020 and it looks like the problem still exists.


The issue in the post matched mine exactly:-


  • All lights on the modem and NBN Connection Box are green and static
  • Network Status = You’re connected to the Internet
  • In Outlook = Send/Receive Errors (e.g.:- 0X8004210A – The operation timed out waiting for a response from the receiving (POP) server….)
  • In Google Chrome = Various errors trying to connect to Google or any website (e.g.: This site can’t be reached. ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT or No Internet DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET).


At first a reboot of my PC did the trick. Then it needed multiple reboots. Eventually I worked out that Disabling then Enabling the ethernet card via the Adapter Settings was the easiest solution as it meant I didn’t have to restart my PC.

This has become almost a daily ritual.


I even found a post in the TP-Link Community, from April 2019, (the link was provided by a TPG moderator in one of their posts) which also describe my issue to a T.  Last comment made on 23/05/2020 without a resolution in sight. This means that neither TPG nor TP-Link technicians know what the problem is.


I thought about buying a new modem, but then I came across another post where TPG explained as follows: -


“The modem we provide is a standard modem and we’ve optimised the setup to complement our specifically configured modem settings. It is a reliable and efficient modem. We provide the modem for all our NBN plans as they are sold as an Internet & Home Phone Bundle. As the Home Phone component of your bundle is encrypted for security, you will need to use our modem if you are to make and receive phone calls.


Our modem is also pre-configured for internet access Some customers who do not use the home phone component of our bundle sometimes prefer to use their own NBN compatible modem. If this is the case, then our after sales support team can provide you with the settings required to configure your 3rd party modem with the settings required to access the internet.”


Back to square one.  I’d like to know whether anyone out there has managed to find a permanent solution to this problem?




Welcome to TPG Community,


Could you PM (Private message) me your customer ID, username, service address or mobile number so I can check the status here.


To learn how to send a private message, click here.  



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I've been with TPG since 2009. I've been having similar issues for months. I've lost count of the number of tickets I've had with them. Never seems to affect the uploads, either. Only ever downloads. This is what my connectionlooks like right now:


I've had my NBN NTD replaced. I've had the cables connecting it replaced. I've paid out of pocket for a new TPG-configured TP-Link modem to replace the old Huawei one. Every time, the same process, and the same "solution," the same recurrence. Reboot, reset, escalate to NBN. Rinse and repeat.


Oh, it gets better. The technician I spoke to this morning? Walked me through the process of changing my WiFi band. They seemed to think that changing my router's WiFi band would fix problems with the NBN Fixed Wireless connection! And they've completely ignored the fact that my phone is only working one way because of configuration issues, which they should know from the last time they screwed up the configuration. And when I pointed that out, they terminated the chat without warning!


So I come onto the forums to sort it out, and what do I get? "We're escalating the issue to NBN Co, wait for a technician"!


I'll be very surprised if you get any different answers, tybsi. I'm getting the impression TPG is just spinning their wheels until this merger goes through and they can wash their hands of us.

Level 2

Thanks, Timothy, for taking the time to add your experience. I expect that you are right in saying that I won’t get any different answers. I’ve read through your previous posts and find it very disheartening that TPG can’t or won’t find a solution to our issues.  


I’ve only got a landline and a PC connected (via ethernet cable) to my modem. I haven’t had any issues with the landline just the internet.  Once I disable/enable the network connection, it works fine for the rest of the time I’m on the computer. It’s still frustrating though that I have to do this nearly every time I log back in.


In my case, I know that there is a workaround, but the fact that I need to use a workaround means that there is a problem.


I’m not a techie but after reading so many posts, in this community, as well as others, where users have the same or very similar issues, I’m leaning toward the problem being a simple setting change in the modem but I wouldn’t know where to start looking.


I found a post in the TP-Link community ( which matched my issue but there was no solution there either.


As yet I haven’t heard back from the TPG Moderator after sending them a PM with my details. I’ll give them a bit longer before I seriously considering moving to another ISP.