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URL for opt-in for NBN100 speed upgrade broken; and Account log in site failure (Error 403, F5 site: ty8-tky)

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Hi there,


I'm facing 2 issues, both related to the TPG website not working. Can you please help with the below 2 issues?


(Note: I have already tried clearing my cookies and site data, using a different browser, using a different computer, a different mobile device, as well as with a different WiFi and mobile internet connection, all with the same outcome. I have tried several times at different times of the day, yesterday and today.)





I received an email saying that my broadband fee would increase. Within this email, there is a URL link to opt-in to a free 12 month NBN100 speed upgrade. The link in my email does not work. The page hangs for several seconds and always results in a "This site can’t be reached" (ERR_CONNECTION_RESET) error page.


=> Can you please officially opt my account into the free 12 month NBN100 speed upgrade, since I am unable to access the URL?





I am unable to log in using the Account log in page. After typing the username and password, the return page is always an error page with the following text:


The requested URL was rejected. Please consult with your administrator.

Your support ID is 576d7a47-22d1-4a39-9ecb-96f804ab2341
Error 403 - Forbidden
F5 site: ty8-tky


Is there an issue with the website at the moment?


=> Can you please check why my account cannot be logged into online anymore, and help get it working?







Hi @andyt,


We're here to help! May we know if you have tried logging in from a laptop/desktop? 


Please send us a private message and we'll pull up your account. 



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Hi Ahra_G,

For issue #2 (logging into my account), I tried logging on from:

* a mobile phone (chrome Android)
* a laptop (chrome Windows)

Can you help with issue #1 as well?

I've also sent this as a private message to you now, along with my account username.

- Andy
Level 7

Although the original email may be genuine this time, as a policy I *never* click on a link in an email. There are many malware attempts using fake tpg emails. Also, a link may have a credible looking title, but that's no guarrantee that it links to what is shown.