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We lost our internet on Wednesday afternoon and I rang TPG and they rang me back to get my problem and my modem wouldn't switch on so we were still without internet. I said the modem seems to be dead and we tried to plug it in in another power point but it didn't respond. The lady said she send a new one. I said will it be free and she said yes. I took that I didn't have to pay for a new modem and yesterday I got an email to say pay for it. I don't know if this email is a fruad or what is the problem now. We didn't have internet for a day and when I saw the modem again it had a light on so I plug it all in and now we have internet so I don't know what will happen to this problem of a new modem. Can you help as I was not expecting to pay for a new modem?

We have had trouble with this modem ever since we got it. Our internet often falls out and the modem gets quite hot.


Hi @janice1953.


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We were able to locate your account and learned that the $10 fee was for the shipping of the modem/router.

The device itself is free as discussed by our staff. 


The order is now in progress and updates will be provided via email or SMS once the parcel has been shipped.


Let us know if you need further assistance.