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my $240 refund

Level 1c

everyone else is either getting their tpg account credited or their credit cards refunded


Hi @mgoodyear

We can confirm that all customers receiving compensation are receiving it via a refund. We would have loved to provide refunds to existing customers via a credit on their TPG account, however unfortunately this was not allowed as part of the compensation process approved by the ACCC.

In your particular case, based on your account status at the date the refund was being processed, we could not provide the refund to your credit card, so opted to provide the refund to you via cheque.

Nonetheless, we have double-checked with our Accounts Team and was advised that an electronic fund transfer is possible, but you need to provide us additional account details.


We have sent you a private message asking for your account details.


We'll wait for your response via private message. Thank you.

Level 1c

bank is ING 

bsb xxxx00

account xxxx237



it wont let me send a pm. said ive reached my limit. ive sent one message. one. and thats a limit.  jeez.




Thanks for the info, @mgoodyear. We've edited your comment for security purposes, as it contains your personal details.


We'll forward the info to our Accounts Team and will revert to you as soon as new update becomes available.


Hi @mgoodyear, the refund has been successfully processed via Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT).


Should you require further assistance, please let us know. Cheers!

Level 2

why on earth has mine not been refunded by EFT?? I was fed the same line and still have not recieved the cheque, now TPG advised they havn't even sent the cheque?? but should send it within 14 days??



Hi wrightfamily1


I have likewise replied to your post located here:


See you there!