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worst customer service :(

Level 2

So long story short...


Our internet with TPG has always been pretty slow, we sort of just accepted it. Some time it would work fine and sometimes you could barely load a page.

However, just over month ago it pretty much stopped working althougher. either it wouldnt load at all, or it would only load text pages or super fuzzy videos.

Called TPG and was told there was something wrong with the line to our place, they said they would come put a new one in.

They did, it works fine, everything's good speed-wise now, but they're still trying to bill me for a month where i did have any internet!!! Even trying to charge me an extra $10 now and all they've said is we'll give you a 6 day extension.


ahhh, I dont want an extension??? i want to not have to pay for a service i wasn't able to use, as you very well know, because you had to come fix it!!

It's been about a week of back a forth emails and still no one is giving me a straight answer!


anyone else had this issue before and how to proceed from here? so frustrating!!

Level 2

still NOTHING. they have stopped replying at this point. I started out nicely, but honestly this is so frustrating. definitely will not be renewing my contract. 


Hi @hollyldaniels,


Welcome to TPG Community! 


We’re terribly sorry for this experience and would like to take this opportunity to see what can be done to make this right.


I was able to locate your account using your Community details and have reviewed the details on your account.

We've seen that the $10 is a direct debit rejection fee since your card was rejected when our system tried to charge for your Monthly recurring fee. 


Our Engineers have raised a request for a billing adjustment for your account and was given  6 Days Free Interenet service  that will cover the fault period since you raised the concern. 


Nevertheless, we'll raise your concern to our Engineers to re-evaluate the Billing adjustment for your account regarding the duration of the fault period. Updates will be communicated as more details become available. Our sincerest apologies for the experience.