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ADSL2 keeps dropping off at night

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Hi guys,

I am having an issue after switch my broadbank to TPG in the middle of this month. My internet drops off quite off at night. It has been serveral time that there is no internet connection at night. Usually the issue happens at around 8:30~9:30pm at night. At day time, internet is all good. There is no issue with my moderm. Can you please advise?




Hi @hailinzh,

Welcome to TPG Community!

I have run some test and made some adjustment on the line since I've detected some noise interference which possibly cause the issue.

But, we'd like to know more to visualise this on a bigger picture in case we are missing something.

1. What are the troubleshooting that you've done when you experienced the drop outs?
2. And have you noticed any differences in the light of your modem?

3. What is the brand and model of your modem?
4. How many devices are connected at daytime and at night time?



Observe your connection if the issue will reoccur as I've made the adjustments.


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Thank you @hailinzh,


If the lights on the modem shows all working, then that means that the internet should work too. We might need to observe if the issue was caused by the noise interference that I have detected on my test earlier. The adjustments that I have made should help lessen this to make sure that the connection will run smoothly. Let's observe it until later tonight and get back to us if it's still happening.


Please do shoot me a private message with your best number to be contacted in case we need more troubleshooting to resolve the matter.