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ADSL2+ unstable and VERY SLOW connection

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My ADSL2+ connection has been unstable since a couple of hours ago, and now the connection speed is just around 1.0 ~ 1.5 Mbps. 


There must be something going on with the line within my area, as it happened in the middle of connection. 


Would you mind to check if there's any possible line issue?


Thanks in advance.



Level 3

I've found the problem myself. It was the MDF box within my property, someone - might have been a technician to resolve other places' connection in it - didn't properly close the MDF, making the other lines a bit tangled and caused the speed and connection issue.


Advice to moderators - could you please notify technicians to make sure they do a proper job on an MDF, so that the phone lines are not tangled and stay separate? This has happned a few times, when some technician visits and does something on the MDF.




Good day @landonkoo0207,


Welcome to TPG Community!


Thank you for updating us on what happened. We do make sure that our Technician does their job properly, but we will remind them still to make sure that their job will be done properly without damaging other connections.


Please do understand that it's not just our Technicians who can work on the MDF. Other Telco technicians and your building technician can also work on it. You can request your building admin to put a special note on the MDF room.


Should you require any assistance, please let us know.


Kind regards,