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Advanced email junk filtering

Level 3

i used to have a set of advanced / customised emsil filters set ...

what has haapened .... all the links in the tpg postoffice webmail interface where one could  configure sdvanced filtering have disappeared /are broken.


The option of ‘automatic’ junkmsil filter settings  of ‘high’ ‘medium’ ‘low’ are completely usless, sending impòrtant email to Spam and most of the  ‘spam’ email is now coming to my inbox ..... which is now becoming inundated with junk.


What is going on TPG?      

This is making me a NOT VERY HAPPY customer.



Level 3

Good, but be aware that this has been happening for a few days now.

I have the expectation that TPG would or should have been aware of this and have it PROMPTLY FIXED .... which from others posts, is clearly not the case.