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Alternate router to use on HFC

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I beleive that any modem/router with VDSL or VDSL2 will work with HFC cable.

Can someone please confirm this.

And suggest possibly a Tp-Link router.

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Yo @raymp. I posted this list of VDSL Modem/Router yesterday. This might help you finding a modem/router.



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Oops, I just realized that this post only includes modem/router for FTTN/FTTB. So it doesn't have HFC routers.


I tried to search some NBN router compatibility unfortunately it leads me to this thread.

Anyway, if you're planning to use a different router for your TPG-HFC be aware that TPG VOIP feature won't work as I believe it's only available when you use their supplied router. (It applies to all their NBN service)

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Hey mate!


Check this:


TP-Link Archer C9 feedback on NBN HFC service


And this:


Netgear and ASUS router discussion. Smiley Happy

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Any comments on a tp-link VR 600, AC 1600 modem router.

It has vdsl which is need for HFC cable connection

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I purchase the TP-Link C9 router and tried for 2 days to connect it to TPG NBN HFC without any luck.  I am a senior IT executive and it just didn't make sense to me why it was not authenticating.

After going through many TPG level 1 techs it was only the final guy I spoke with that said for NBN HFC you need to set a VLAN ID of 2 for the Internet to work.  BINGO.

All the normal settings apply.  PPoE, username/password.

BUT...with the C9 there is a hidden setting under the network section called IPTV.  Click in to that and check the box marked "enable IPTV" then choose the dropdown box and select "custom".  Go ahead and put "2" into the Internet VLAN ID box.  You have to also label the other VLANs so just throw 3 & 4 in the remaining two boxes.  The key to all this is to tick the box that says "802.1q tag".

As soon as I did that it authenticated instantly.  The key to me was when TPG said they were not getting any authentication requests.  That's when I started asking what else we were missing.  It was the VLAN2 thing.

Non-TPG provided routers will not do VOIP as they have security wrapped around their VOIP settings they don't want the public to know about.  Fair enough.

Anyway, putting this up in the hope it helps someone else.  If you want this to work on ANY router you need to make sure your router can add VLAN tags.


Capture.JPGTP-Link C9 TPG NBN HFC settings


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Hey Cameron,


What modem did you use to connect to your C9 router?


Would the supplied TPG Tp-link modem router work do you know?




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Thanks Cameron for posting the settings and hints for the C9 router. I purchased a used V1.0 and after upgrading the firmware was able to get the C9 to connect to TPG HFC service. Apart from the superior wifi performance there appears to be a marked improvment on the download speed which I did not expect. We were having problems with the DHCP randomly dumping wireless clients with the TPG supplied HG659 media router.

Cheers Craig

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You sir, are a legend! I couldnt get my ASUS RT-N66U to get WAN until I read this. Now its connecting. They love to hide these settings. With ASUS its LAN > IPTV > Select ISP Dropdown/Manual Setting > VID = 2. Then of course PPPoE for WAN and ISP credentials.