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Are TPG providing any COVID-19 assistance to customers?

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I see some internet providers are offering support to their customers due to the Covid-19 situation which is great.

Will TPG be providing any similar support to their customers?

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I'm keen to know this also. If we cant pay will they disconnect internet and will we have to pay for reconnection once we are able to pay.
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If you are struggling to pay due to Covid you could try applying for TPG's financial hardship

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That's a bit harsh in these circumstances!

Surely automatically increasing allowances for a few months would work out better for everyone.


Quite disappointed with TPG that one would have to prove hardship in these times! 

Very Un-Australian! 

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The National Debt Hotline website also has information on how to apply for hardship variation with your telco, here:, including a sample letter to send to your telco, & what to do if your request is denied. You can also contact them for help & advice if necessary, for this, or for other financial issues you may be experiencing during this tough time. I hope stuff improves for you soon... financial hardship sucks, especially when there's other stressful stuff going on.

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Looking at this:

it seems there should be scope for TPG to assist customers in poor circumstances.  Is that happening?

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I am so upset and disgusted at how TPG have handled the Covid19 circumstances. This is the only company that hasnt wanted to help me in during this crises and the customer servic is terrible. 

I will be changing my internet provider due to the treatment i have received.

Just for your information; iinet, aussie broadband and Tangerine are offering the some good products.

iinet FTTB unlimited 90mbs is $59.90 just like TPG

Something to consider!



Hi @Jordan22xx


Welcome to the Community!


We'd like to look into your account for better understanding of the situation and see what we can do to turn your experience around.

Please send me a PM with your TPG username or customer ID number.



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Cancel service? Not easy with tgp. Smiley Happy
First, You have to send them an email to tell them you want to cancel the service.
Then, wait

... their policy is that you have to tell them in writing 30 days in advance that you want to cancel thier service even you have no contract or contract was expire.
And if contract is still on, you have to pay up to $350 as breaking contract.
So, .... I think you will be more in crisis with TPG's cancellation policy.

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You knew what? Even when internet was dropped, and I could not use internet for almost 3 weeks. I also had to pay for phone bill to call them to fix internet. TPG b***** still gave me a bill with full amount of monthly fee.
When I was with Optus, they sent me a mobile internet to use while they were fixing the internet.
If you ask this with tpg, they will tell you NO.
Pay in full amount even cannot use the service. Pay before the due day of cycle billing is TPG which T mean terrible...