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Block Email Filter Issue

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I have been using the tpg spam/block email filter since signing up and it has been working perfectly until...I ran into this email address:


It is in the blocker as (contains):


but their emails are still getting through. Like most of these spam addresses, they have an overarching alias or description (e.g. Toyota or AGL Energy or Credit24) hiding the actual address above. This hasn't been a problem until recently. 


Is there a limit on how many pages of blocked addresses you can have (currently at 101)? I was wondering if the process can only read up to a certain number of 'blocks'?


This little sucker is quite persistent!




Hi @pcsinc72,


Welcome to TPG Community!


We did not set any limit on our filtering for blocked addresses that send out spam emails.


We recommend to run a full scan on your computer to make sure that it is protected. Also, you may disable any add-on on your browser that is not needed or being used.


If you are using the Advance filters, you may also set a common subject line to block those emails.


Kind regards,


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Hi @BasilDV,


Thanks for the welcome and thank you for replying.


OK, this is a little strange then. Both my computers are scanned daily and nothing has turned up.


I am actually not sure why it would have anything to do with a particular computer?  This is happening on both computers, two apple devices and within the TPG postoffice webmail facility, itself (Screenshot attached of two emails that arrived today, sitting within the TPG Webmail inbox). That tells me it is not being blocked or shifted to the spam folder on/at the TPG server. Other email addresses, etc. are still be blocked/shifted at the TPG server, just not this one.


Taking your advice, I have now removed the three (out of five) add-ons, that I don't use.


I can't use the advanced filter on the subject lines, as they're too random. For example:

  • your future awaits you with something astonishing
  • Want to SAVE HUNDREDS on health cover?
  • Get a great energy deal with AGL
  • we have a prize ready for you

These are all from the same email address


I am at a loss as to why this might be happening? The TPG blocking/spam filtering has always been spot-on, from the start. I am not sure what else I can do?


Thanks for the assistance.



Hi @pcsinc72,


Thank you for the clarification and additional information.


I'm not sure if I missed it in your posts, but have you tried tagging these messages as Spam using the Spam button from the Post Office?


In addition, how did you set the level of filtering? If it's currently on Low, kindly adjust it to Medium to see how it goes.



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Hi @Will 


Where is the Spam button located within the TPG postoffice (as that sounds like a great option!)? When I tick the email I can delete, etc. but I couldn’t see a spam button/option? It also wasn’t visible in cog drop-down.


Yep, I already have the filtering set to medium too.


Thank you for all your assistance, for something so trivial.



Hi @pcsinc72,


The spam button is in between the Forward and Delete buttons.



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Hi @Will 


I am not sure which solution worked but that email is now being pushed to the spam folder within the postffice.


the aks for the help and your time.