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Can't Ping or Tracert to TPG.COM.AU

Level 2

Has TPG turned off ping to its web address?

I use this to monitor my network on a daily basis.

This has been a problem for a few months now.

Level 2

Hello does TPG read these messages and respond of just ignore??



Hi @steventonet 


Are you experiencing issues with your service?


If yes, please send us a private message with your account details along with the troubleshooting you've exhausted.



Level 7

Ping and tracert to also time out here too. Nothing else wrong with the service. Ping and tracert AOK with other servers.

Level 2

I am not sure why you want to deal with this privately.

My question is very straight forward - have TPG denied ping/trace to

When it comes to tracing paths for fault finding it is very useful and TPG is the only current ping/trace not working.

Also I constantly monitor my network and as you have my account that is part of testing to see if all services are online!

If you have denied this feature at least inform your customers, we are not all dumb users!

Yes my service is not working after problems which were related to DDNS and tied up with other services, not being able to ping TPG just wasted heaps of my time!!

Level 15

Hi @steventonet . This has been a problem for some weeks. I don't know if TPG knows how or why it is this way. Might have something to do with how Amazon Web Services (AWS) is involved. (TPG might no longer own any computers or network hardware. Everything might be hosted on AWS equipment in a virtual environment. AWS firewalls block non-essential traffic like ping/tracert.) Same deal for Mail server.

Depending on how your monitoring works, you could use:  tracert -h 3

The address on line 2 is your router's default gateway. The address on line 3 is some part of TPG's network and you could use that as indication of network peformance. The time to that address is about the same as it used to be to

The 2nd address changes with each new connection. Haven't monitored the 3rd address to see if it is static.

Do you have a problem with DDNS?

Level 2

Hi David my DDNS went down during the Optus system failure but was back up and running after three days, took a while for the penny to drop that this was my problem. I will try the tracert -h 3, I did noticed this issue a while ago and it seems to coincide with the mail server TPG are off loading to another provider, maybe related....