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Cannot browse on new Internet Connection - URGENT!

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I have contacted TPG several times over a new internet connection that was setup for our office last week. The internet is connected but we cannot browse or send emails. I have been through several rounds of troubleshooting with TPG over the last 3 days with no fix. This has been escalated by the engineering team but I have heard absolutely nothing.


I rang again this morning having been told someone will call me at somepoint. This is not good service and we urgently need a techniction to come out to our office to diagnose the problem. We are a small business and our NBN connection is crucial to our operation. 


This should be a priority and we should be given exact times on when I will be receving phone calls and when a technician will be coming out to see us. This service is not good enough and I will be taking this to the ombdusman if someboday does not contact me today. 




Hi @geoscapes


We'd like to check on the status of your case.


Kindly send me a PM with your account details.