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Connection Keeps Dropping Out and Reconnecting - New Install

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Thanks @Shane 


Yes, the email said TPG and NBN infrastructure can't be the problem. But TPG tech also tested my house wiring last week, swapped internal lines and put a new outlet socket in. Tech said that basically eliminates my house wiring as the source of the drop outs.


So I don't understand what the problem is ... that has been going on since connection over two months ago.


Hi @markberk1

Regrettably, I wish I was the bearer of better news.  Based on the remote testing done by our Engineering Team, all equipment within the TPG network is working and that the current level of service is the best that can be delivered to you on your current infrastructure.


We don’t have any further updates differing from what has already been communicated to you. If you wish to know more details about the fault's case progress, we can have one of our Engineers to discuss this over the phone.

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Thanks @Shane 


With my hearing there really is no point in phone calls involving new and detailed explanations.


I have emailed back to Engineering and when I hear back I'll pop back and update here, for anyone watching.




You're welcome, @markberk1.


We'll keep an eye on this, feel free to notify us for any follow up or additional question on the progress of this case.



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Hi @Shane 


After due consideration I accept TPG can't or won't do anything else for now and I'll just have to live with a crippled connection, for now. The drop outs continue ... without knowing why, maybe internal wiring since that seems to be the primary cause of issues with FTTN, but TPG engineering won't comment or advise what to do now.


If the ALP take power this election there is a possibility of a fix down the track, but I won't hold my breath. From here - - "Labor would also provide up to $125 million of funding to NBN Co to remedy interference issues with the fibre-to-the-node elements of the network caused by the internal wiring within premises."


If the ALP do get in I will probably get back on here to find out if anything has changed, re article above. The ALP also intend to mandate a Customer Service Guarantee, which I believe I had to relinquish any right to in order to sign with TPG.


If anyone reading this wants to see other responses to the issue of drop outs on FTTN from other users have a look here -



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I'm a new TPG customer and am also experiencing dropouts.... has anyone switched providers with a better result? I'm considering switching to Telstra but unsure if the issue is the underlying NBN infrastructure. I also wonder if there is a better modem I could purchase for a more stable connection?


Hi @benricho, we're sorry to know that you're having issues with the service and we'd like to help get to the bottom of this.


We have located an account using your community details, but we'd like to make sure that we'll be working on the correct one. Please PM us your TPG customer ID, username and complete address so we can pull up the account. Thank you.

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I had 197 drop outs since Friday to monday....and another 20 within the last 3 hours