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Delayed or missing mail delivery to wife's tpg email account

Level 3

Hi Shane,


same here. I have emails that are delayed by hours, and one is still yet to arrive from yesterday. I have checked via TPG post office and not there either.

Why is TPG blocking our emails...?



Hi @Will12 , please send us a private message with the email address you are having issue with so we can check this with our Postmaster.

Level 2


i have the same issues for more than 2 weeks, i tried to PM the mod but unable to!


Could you please also investigate for me?


many thanks

Level 4

Getting bad again for me. Some email delays for many hours while others show up promptly. 


Hi @marbell and @junk3569


The filtering set by our network team is still in play due to the number of spammers using Gmail address.

We have raised the issue with Google, but did not receive any response.


We are compiling evidence for us to raise it further with them.

Please send me a PM with the list of Gmail addresses that's been having problems reaching you along with the date and time.


Also, the TPG mail address that you are using.



Level 2

Only way to know of legitimate emails being blocked by TPG is via provision of regular logs of blocked emails, which TPG now provides following a complaint to Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman. Hopefully it will lead to TPG fixing the problem, but in the meantime receiving regular/daily logs of the emails being blocking is the only way of knowing & chasing the emails not getting through.