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Does the installation need the modem?

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I applied for the NBN last week, TPG sent the modem to the new house, but was not sucessfully delievered due to unregonized address. So I went to Auspos to pick up today. I wonder do I need to leave the modem in the new house?


Hi @zeroarst


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I would recommend to leave the modem on the address where the service will be activated. If you are already in the premises, please have the equipment set up as we will need to do a test on the line. 


For a quick set up guide, kindly check this link: NBN Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (NBN HFC) Setup Guide


Should you require further assistance or has queries, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. 






Good day, @zeroarst


Please do let us know once you have connected the equipment so we can do line testing and so that the activation of your service can progress. 




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Hi I have not yet moved to the new rental house so I can not get into the house. I will sign the contract on Saturday then I can move in.

I left the TP-Link modem in the house.

Is the installation done already? I check the progress it does not seem to be ready yet?

username: xxxxx


I really need the internet over the is friday...i don't know if you guys can get it done today...



Hi @zeroarst


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Looking at your order, this has been classified by NBNCo as Service Class 24 which means that this address previously had a working NBN service. There should already be an NTD Arris box inside the premises. That being said, NBNCo is not detecting the NTD Arris box, hence, the reason why the order is not completed and awaiting manual intervention.


Please ensure that the NTD Arris box is on and take note of the status of the lights on the device. You will have to notify us so our Provisioning Team can manually resume the order on our end.



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Thank you I will do it tomorrow!!


You're welcome @zeroarst. Feel free to message us for the updates. Thanks! 

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So I moved to this house today, and I could not find the NBN box.
I called TPG, they put me through to a case maanger. The case manager said my house was previously connected to NBN so there must be a NBN box, I should ask the owner. OK. I then called my agent asking her to ask the owner.
A few minutes later, agent called me back, said the owner seemed to use Optus or other providers for the NBN before, but now the NBN box is relocated to his new house. He is using it.
OK. So I don't know what to do now? We have to get another NBN box? Head the case manager said we might need to wait for another 1~2 months to get the NBN box? What the...
My old house still has ADSL, but it is under my friend's name, I wonder if I can ask him to transfer the ADSL to my new house, and then wait for the NBN box to come?

Also, how much is it to get a NBN modem?

Hi @zeroarst,


Thanks for the update.


I'm afraid that it is not possible to move the ADSL2+ service of your old address to the new address as NBN technology is already active in the area.


Since the NBN NTD (Arris) box was taken by the previous tenant and now used for their new service provider, we will need to request for a new NBN NTD box from NBN Co along with a technician visit to install and help finish the activation of the account.


You will not be paying for the new NBN NTD box as it is already included in the NBN package based on the type of technology available.


Our Service delivery case managers will need to check for the available schedule for an NBN technician to visit the site for the installation. You may contact them directly or provide us your preferred time and best number to be contacted and will arrange the call for you instead.


Kind regards,


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Fortunately I have got the NBN box back today. Connected it the NBN scket on the wall, and also connected it to the TP-Link Modem (white one). When tried to access, I saw a page says:


Your newly installed broadband equipment is waiting to be automatically configured.

You do not need to do anything just now, but if this message stays for more than 30 minutes try rebooting the modem/router and waiting a few minutes. If this message continues to persist, you should contact the Helpdesk of your Internet service provider.


I wonder if I just need to wait for 30mins?