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Email address transfer

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Once my email address is transfered to The messaging Company, am I still bound to use TPG asmuy ISP or am I able to switch to another ISP if I so desire.

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I think this is a question a lot of people want answered.
Be very interested if you get an answer

Hi @Coxie,


The closure of your email should not in any way affect your current internet service and we definitely still want to keep everyone on board. 





@Ahra_G . That wasn't the question that Coxie asked. Coxie is asking if they have to keep TPG as their internet provider once the email has been transferred to TMC.


Refer to points 5,6,7 in Terms and Conditions of Email Transfer.

If a user cancels their TPG internet service, TPG may withdraw the right to use their TPG email address. Effectively, that TPG email address would become an email-only account with TMC. So, will TPG, or won't TPG withdraw the right to use the TPG email address.

In point 7, what other reasons might arise?


5. TPG grants you the right to use your current email address, which incorporates one or more domain names owned by TPG (e.g.


6. TPG may withdraw the right for you to use your current email address when you cease acquiring services from TPG or one of our affiliates.


7. TPG may also revoke the right in (4) above for other reasons, but we will endeavour to give you at least 60 days’ prior notice before that happens.


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I reckon that once a TPG email is transferred to TMC, then TPG won't even be able to remove it regardless of their Terms and Conditions. Only TMC can remove it.

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Once you stop your TPG service, they revoke the right to use any @TPG address.

This means that TMC will not be able to handle your email and you will be forced to get a new Email address.

However, by then it is too late. You have already accepted the terms and conditions of TMC which includes the really scary thing ... Their Privacy Notice


Please read This: An open letter to all TPG users about Email Migration. 


The terrifying thing is that the moment you have accepted their terms and conditions, you have accepted their privacy notice Forever. Even if or when you leave TMC, they still have everything and can continue to farm you!

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David64 thanks for the update.  I did transfer my email addrees to TMG mid july.  All seem to go fine and got a tick at the end of the process and advice that they would be working in the background and advise on progress.  There was a statement that they would contact me along the way - within 60days of 15 September ???.  Heard nothing and we are closing in on 15 September.  Really would like some assurance that the transfer is goint to take place and am hoping TPG can at least check and confirm that the transfer is in fact beeing actioned and will occur.  Alternatively tell me who I can contact.  My concern is that D day will arrive and suddenly I have no email.  Like most people my life is connected to an email account.  I have a lot of software packages that my business uses on an daily basis and they require a valid email address to operate.


Many thanks


Hi Coxie, 


TPG will pay The Messaging Company email service charge until 15 September 2024. After 15 September 2024, you will be responsible for paying any charges you incur for the email service. The Messaging Company will contact customers with available pricing options at least 60 days prior to commencing charges for the email service. For more info, please have a read through at 

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