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This was from the TPG Community 2 years ago.  I am in a similar circumstance, except mobiles are not with TPG, and want to change from POP3 to IMAP.  Is the content and response below still the same?

or is the transfer of email account to the messaging company have any impact on this?





‎05-11-2021 08:49 PM

Today I rang to ask how to change our POP3 email account to an IMAP account and after being passed from the Accounts and Billing team, to Tech Support to Customer Service to Account Specialists, I was so disappointed with the response.

We have been a customer with TPG for over 10 years on a Home Phone and (now) NBN bundle plan. We also have our mobile phones with TPG. We have had the same email address since joining TPG. As we move away from a home computer and onto devices (ipads and mobiles), IMAP settings would make management of the home email account much easier and allow the transfer of data when upgrading devices. I saw people in the Community asking for this to be done but nothing on how this worked out for everyone or under what circumstances it can be done. I am aware of the extra costs (surprised but aware) and was willing to pay this for the convenience of synchronicity. 

I was told however that because we have an NBN bundle plan and not "just an Email Plan", they are not able to change our account and keep the same email address. To have the same username, we would need to cancel our NBN bundle, set up an Email only account and then sign up again for an NBN bundle. The catch, when we cancel our current bundle, they will delete the email address and subsequently, all our emails. We would be liable for all the establishment and connection costs of a new NBN bundle account.

I really can't understand why it would have to be done this way - please tell me this isn't the case and there is a simple way to change over. 

This all started because we have some new devices and our emails did not all copy across...

‎07-11-2021 01:02 PM

Hi @Bellybel


Thanks for raising this with us.


Since the main account is bundled with your internet broadband service, this can't be changed to an IMAP account.

We can only change a POP3 to an IMAP, if it's an email account only.


The option that was advised is correct. If you'll cancel the NBN account and would like to keep the main email account, then you have the option to keep it as IMAP or POP3 account.

The emails that you've already downloaded on your devices (Desktop, smartphones, etc.) will not be deleted as we only delete the emails on our server.


Let us know if you need further assistance.




Hi @Dunbars


Since we stopped selling the Email services, the request needs to be directed to TMC once the migration is complete.


There's a possibility that they'll be able to convert it to IMAP since it will be an independent service.