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Email migration of slave accounts

Level 2

Sub accounts or slave accounts are required to be transferred individually to TMC from @BasilDV


Hi @pharg


It is also indicated here: 



Level 3

It would be so simple to just add the words "including aliases or slave accounts".

Level 15

@BasilDV . I didn't see the word "slave" in the link you provided.

All alias and slave addresses have to be migrated.

TPG slave addresses have their own Inbox, so they look like separate accounts.

Alias addresses are alternate names for the primary account.

If TMC can't associate alias addresses to the primary address, those users will have to check multiple separate Inboxes. That will be a nuisance for webmail, but email clients might be able to handle multiple Inboxes.

The main issue will be when TMC determines their pricing for alias and slave addresses compared to a user with just a primary address.


Hi @david64


When you transfer your TPG main email, any email aliases will transfer too. If you have a slave email which has its own inbox, you will need to register it separately.




Level 4

So if you've got multiple slave accounts for family members, each and every one will have to be treated and migrated/verified as a separate account. If there is going to be a charge per address, that is not going to be cheap come next september. We need clarification about what the now free slave accounts are going to cost come September 2024 if TPG wants to keep me from going to another RSV.


My wife isn't as deep as me with her TPG mail address so she isn't going to migrate her slave account. She has an alternative account, whereas my gmail account is strictly an alias at the moment. In the mean time I'm going to start modifying the 60-odd online accounts I have with a new gmail address. When I'm finished, so is TPG as far as I'm concerned.



Hi @Umack


At this point, we cannot confirm as to how much the TMC will charge the email accounts that you will choose to migrate to them but surely they will inform you prior to late September 2024.