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How to fix the beeping sounds of the NBN Battery Backup


NBN Battery Backup [Alarm Sound]



The alarm in your power supply and battery backup unit will beep if the battery is running low on power and needs replacing. The beeping sounds becomes more frequent as the battery drops down to a critically low level.



Power Supply with Battery backup indicator lights and alarm sounds.


The following displays are present on the front of the unit:



BBU indicator.png


Alarm sounds


The following list describes the different types of audible alarm sounds you might hear:


Alarm sounds.png



Alarm Silence Function


BBU Beep.png


NOTE : You should only silence alarms when absolutely necessary as they are designed to alert you when your battery is in need of replacement, missing or running low and will soon be flat.



Feel free to see link below for the whole PDF details:

To know more about NBN Battery Backup visit the link below:


Level 2
I would like to know if we need to replace battery
I thought the backup battery is only so you can use your home phone when there is a electricity outage!

Hi @terry57


It is up to you if you'll replace the battery or not.

The service will still work even without the battery back up.




Hi Terry. You are right. The battery powers the FTTP box during a blackout for 3.5 hours plus a reserve of 1.5 hours. You need a standard corded phone to make calls during a blackout. The wifi router will not work during a blackout and would need a UPS. The NBN network might be affected as well.