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I can't receive IPTV after I upgrade to NBN

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Dear Sir
I recently upgraded NBN from ADSL2, everything is good and the download speed is as high as 44.9Mbps. Thank you tpg for the great speed.
However, when I tried to use IPTV, I encountered a strange problem. says
Your speed does not seem to be enough to support IPTV. Please call 13 14 23 for customer assistance.
Why I can watch IPTV when I used ADSL2 but i can't after I have upgraded to NBN now.
Could you please help solve this problem? Thank you


George Gao



Hi @adslue89 


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The TPG IPTV is only available on our TPG ADSL2+/ADSL service, which is why it is not working with your TPG NBN service.


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Hi @adslue89


In addition to what Basil mentioned, we have already discontinued the IPTV service (even for ADSL customers) since August 5 as well.



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Im having the same error used to work fine, seems IPTV is dead Smiley Sad 


TPG pls bring it back for NBN it was a great service!!!

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Me too
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i recently upgraded to NBN and since then I lost all access to all my IPTV usng my smart Receiver, any clues for re configuration


Hi @Jareer07


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If you're referring to TPG's IPTV, unfortunately, the service has been discontinued. However, if this is about the service you receive from your own IPTV box, then you may likely need to ensure that the box is connected to the new modem. Hopefully, someone in the community can provide you some tips on the setup.




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i did not change any in the parameters, and the receiver is already connected.

only change was NbN Instead od ADSL2+


Hi @Jareer07,


Hi @Will mentioned above that TPG IPTV has been discontinued, It is no longer available.



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There is no need to jump in false conclution

I have my own Smat IPTV Receiver which used to work under ADSL2,

This is by not anyway related to the TPG IPTV.