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I can't receive IPTV after I upgrade to NBN

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Dear Sir
I recently upgraded NBN from ADSL2, everything is good and the download speed is as high as 44.9Mbps. Thank you tpg for the great speed.
However, when I tried to use IPTV, I encountered a strange problem. says
Your speed does not seem to be enough to support IPTV. Please call 13 14 23 for customer assistance.
Why I can watch IPTV when I used ADSL2 but i can't after I have upgraded to NBN now.
Could you please help solve this problem? Thank you


George Gao



Hi @adslue89 


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The TPG IPTV is only available on our TPG ADSL2+/ADSL service, which is why it is not working with your TPG NBN service.


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Hi @adslue89


In addition to what Basil mentioned, we have already discontinued the IPTV service (even for ADSL customers) since August 5 as well.



Level 1a

Im having the same error used to work fine, seems IPTV is dead Smiley Sad 


TPG pls bring it back for NBN it was a great service!!!

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Me too