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I can't still use my internet

Level 1c
Hi I moved in last Monday andNBN technitain went to my place last Wednesday then I connected My modem but It's not working so, I called to tpg and a adviser wanted me to send my drive license, a photo of the NBN Box Serial number that starts with ALCLF then also a picture or copy of proof of lease or proof of
occupancy document that states your new address so, I sent everything by email. I waited your message and I've got a email from tpg this morning that my fault ticket has now closed. but the problem isn't solved yet . what should I do?
And actually I gave you wrong address so I told a adviser that I needed to change my new address but my address isn't changed as well. I tried to change so many times.but my internet is not working so what should i do ?
we has been taking the same every time. how can you solve this problem?
please send me a technitain as soon as possible. please don't let me wait any more.

Level 1c
My fault ticket number is #8253184
Level 1c
please answer me as soon as possible.

Hi @yunhyum7008, thanks for taking to post and welcome to the community!


We've managed to check your account records and it shows here that your issue is currently being handled by our service delivery team. I'll send a follow-up email to the your case manager and will request for an urgent update and call back to discuss the updates. If you have a preferred contact number and most convenient time to receive a call, please let me know.