Internet dropouts

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I am having constant dropouts on my internet connection. After 4 visits from technician - 3 from TPG and 1 from NBN, replaced the NBN box and modem - the latest is VX420. This has been going on for months now and it seems that TPG is not capable of solving this. I was wondering if anyone had this issue and how they resolved it.

This is the typical error I get. Any suggestions are welcomed.

2024-03-21 07_08_29-VX420-G2v — Mozilla Firefox.png


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If by 'constant dropouts' you mean that the problem is intermittent, this adds a huge layer of confusion. Murphy's law determines that when you have an intermittent fault it doesn't occur when tests are being run. Assuming you are on FTTP ('NBN Box') one possibility is poorly made fibre splices, dirty connections or a faulty multiport (very rare indeed) though I would expect that the NBN tech would have used an optical test meter to verfify the fibre connection into your NTD. Are there long periods when all is OK?

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I am on HFC. The NBN technician changed all the connectors including the NBN box. Yes, the dropouts are random but they do interrupt my work particularly when I am in a Zoom meeting. This started around December 2023. At first I thought it was some NBN update but this keeps happening. Before we had no problems.

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Not familiar with HFC. Sorry.

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Hi @peterotmar . When you have a dropout, what happens to the lights on the NBN box?

Do you do anything to reconnect it, or does it reconnect by itself?

How long does that take?


Does you HFC cable come overhead from power pole to your house or underground?

If overhead, does it seem you get more dropouts on windy days?


Regarding the System Log, save it to your computer, open it in Notepad or Wordpad, Select all, Copy, and paste into your reply. Just X out your username wherever it occurs.

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It reconnects itself after a few minutes. The NBN box lights are always on.


The HFC cable comes overhead. Haven't noticed any differences between windy days. It is really random.

The other night we were watching a movie on Disney+ and it was dropping like crazy every 10 minutes. Then we switched to Netflix and it was ok.

Here is the log.

2024-03-20 23:04:36 [3] PPP: ppp2 User request
2024-03-20 23:04:36 [3] PPP: ppp2 LCP down
2024-03-20 23:04:36 [4] PPP: ppp2 LCP down
2024-03-20 23:04:36 [3] PPP: ppp2
2024-03-20 23:04:37 [3] PPP: ppp3
2024-03-20 23:04:48 [3] PPP: ppp3


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@peterotmar . Can you run the speedtest on TPG support page with your ethernet computer.

Are the down and up speeds what you expect from your NBN plan?

Do the 2 progress charts go smoothly during the test or do they stop and start?


Is there a QoS or Bandwidth Control setting in the router?

Is it enabled and are there any values?

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@david64The TPG speed test is OK - as expected.


Regarding "QoS or Bandwidth Control" not sure where to find it on the router.

The router is VX420-G2v v2





2024-03-21 12_07_31-Speedtest _ TPG website — Mozilla Firefox.png

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@peterotmar . Go to Advanced tab.

If it is not in the tabs on left hand side, or not inside any of those options, the router mustn't have that option.

I've mentioned the moderators below for them to check the cause of dropouts

@BasilDV  @Shane 


Hi @peterotmar, please send us a private message and we'd gladly assist!