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Issues with New NBN connection

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I got an email yesterday saying the installation of my NBN was completed. I was away until tonight, so when I got home, I plugged in the new router and followed the instructions. Initially I was able to receive email on one of my TPG accounts, but not the rest. I didn't have access to any web pages. I logged into the router to check the settings. All seemed to look OK. I then rebooted my computer. Now I can access limited pages, with a download speed of 3mbps (I bought the top speed plan at almost $100/mth, so really not happy with 3mbps, especially when my aDSL was 20+!). Most pages I get a no internet error and email is not working at all. I also cannot log into the router.

I didn't want NBN because all I have heard is one drama after another, and that's when the connection manages to stay active for more than 10 minutes, but I was forced into it. My first impression is not good. I am trying to run a small online business and I now have little to no internet connection, despite paying some ridiculous amount of money for it.

I checked my email settings, they are all how they should be. All my other settings are as they should be, but nothing is working. I have been with TPG for quite a few years. I have a very slow connection at this very minute, but it has dropped out 3 times since starting this message. I think I'm going to have to use my phone's connection to be able to do anything,


What am I doing wrong? All the lights on the router are lit, none are blinking, so I don't know what the heck is going on. Can anyone help please?


Thank you in advance.

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I managed to get everything working, which lasted the grand total of 5 minutes. I am now dropping out completely every 2-3 minutes, whereby the router needs to be rebooted. I have tried leaving it off and unplugged for 15 minutes and I still only get 2 minutes before it drops out again. When it is working, I can't get the email to work at all, despite managing to get it to work where the connection only lasted 5 minutes. Since then, it won't work at all.


I have checked my connection properties and changed everything to automatic (as in obtaining IP address and DNS). This is now getting beyond a joke. I want my aDSL back because I know that will work, as it always did without fail. I knew getting NBN was a BAD idea, but I was forced into it against my will. I was told that as of next week I'd have no phone line left to run the aDSL. Yet, despite paying a lot of money, I have no usable internet connection!


Do I need to mention again how utterly slow it is when it does decide to work? I'd gladly have dial up back because even that was faster!!


Hi @IamJaneS,


Welcome to the Community!


We're sorry to know that you're having issues with the service and we'd like to help get to the bottom of this.


We have managed to locate your account using your community details and we'll have a specialist contact you as soon as possible to identify what's causing the issue.


If you have a preferred contact number and available time to receive a call, please send it via private message. Thank you.

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For some reason when someone has tried to call it's gone straight to message bank. I've not long got home from work and at this moment in time, everything seems to be working. However, given I bought the package with the fastest download speeds, I'm quite upset that I'm averaging 7mbps download and 1mbps upload. I could have got that with the cheapest package. In fact, I could have got that with dial up.


So far this NBN thing is a rip off and I want to go back to aDSL because I was getting really fast speeds with that. I am upset that I'm paying almost $100/mth to get speeds 1/3 of what I was getting on the aDSL2 connection that I had. If this continues, I think it would be completely unfair to be charged the top amount to get speeds less than the lowest amount package. I have been with TPG for years. I stayed when we were forced to change to NBN because I felt you would be reliable. I'm starting to think it was a big mistake.


How do I chop my plan back to the cheapest rate? If I'm destined to get low speeds, I may as well use the cheapest package. No point paying top dollar and not getting the service I'm paying for. When I signed up, during the sign up process it said for my address I should average betweek 60-80mbps download. There was no mention that that was a joke and I'd really only be getting 7!


Thank you for getting back to me.


Hi @IamJaneS,


I can see that one of our Technicians attempted to call you yesterday, but no avail.

Kindly, PM me your best contact number and preferred time and we'll have our Technicians call you again to check what is causing speed issues with your service.

If the NBN Plan speed is not available at your location, we can have your NBN service downgraded to a cheaper price.

Unfortunately, there's no way of changing your connection back to ADSL2+ service, as everyone will have to move over eventually as all copper lines will soon be decommissioned.

I will wait for your response.



Good morning, IamJaneS.


The number that will show when we call you should be 0298500800. Our Tech team will try to contact you again today around 8PM NSW time to check the speed issue further. If you are able to unblock the number on your phone, our Tech team can help us with the test to resolve the issue. Please inform us in case you have a preferred time to be contacted.


You can also contact our Tech team on 13 14 23 (Opt. 2 + 2) in case they weren't able to contact you.


Kind regards,

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Hi Shane and Basil,


Thanks so much for you reply. Unfortunately, I'm at work tonight so won't be able to speak to anyone. I will be available to speak to someone on Monday or Tuesday between 10am and 1pm. Thank you for providing the number you call from. I had blocked it (along with many others) because I was being hounded to death with calls! I have now unblocked it so whoever calls, should be able to get through and it not go straight to message bank.


As mentioned in an earlier message, during the sign up process, it said that for my address, I should get download speeds of 60-80mbps. Maybe that part of the sign up process should be removed as it gives a false sense of hope! I had fast aDSL2 speeds because I am reasonably close to the exchange, so assumed that the estimate given would be similar as I still live close to the exchange! I just sent my husband a message and got him to do a speed check and it showed as 18mbps, which is a far cry from 60-80mbps and still a lot slower than my former aDSL2, but slightly better than this time yesterday. I would be happy to get the same speeds as my aDSL connection (but not for 4 times the price), but getting way less is unacceptable (especially for 4 times the price!). At the moment even YouTube videos won't play properly because the connection is so slow. I've not had that problem before with aDSL, it always played first go with that.


This NBN was supposed to be the you beaut top of the range internet for speeds, but we are the laughing stock overseas. Several friends in the US sent me screenshots of their speed tests. One was 500mbps, another 380, another 460, another 280 and that is normal for them. That is the stock standard lowest cost plan. They could spend 4 times as much and get much faster speeds, but they don't need to. I don't understand why things had to change. It certainly wasn't an advancement in technology. If anything, it's 20 steps backwards. If I wanted dial up speeds, I'd still use dial up!!!


I look forward to speaking to someone on Monday or Tuesday. Hopefully it's an easy fix. Thanks again for the reply.


Thank you for getting back to us @IamJaneS.


I'll let our Tech team to reschedule the call on Monday instead between 10AM and 1PM.

We understand that the speed that you are currently getting is not ideal based on your plan, but we are willing to help and investigate this for us to make sure that proper resolution will be provided.


Should you fail to receive a call on Monday, please let us know.


Kind regards,