Lead in cable damaged

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I have recently moved therefore I asked TPG to transfer my internet (wi-fi) and home phone connection. 

On the day that TPG said the connection was "active", I went home after work to check that wifi worked but home phone never worked in the new location.

The next evening, I found out that even wifi was not working. I called TPG The next day.

TPG asked Telstra to visit my house over the weekend.  The Telstra persons checked different boxes (there are about 3-4 phone sockets in different rooms of the house) to confirm that the lead in cable is damaged.

It is a old house. The fact that there are phone boxes (or sockets?) everywhere indicates that the previous owner(s) tried different ways to make the connection.  One of the Telstra person told me that he saw a temperary cable (?) connecting to the outside cable but even that is worn/old.

TPG now tells me that I have to wait another (emphasize "another") 20 days for Telstra to fix the cable.



(1) What is the chance that after 20 days TPG comes back to say the lead in cable cannot be done because the house is old? 

(2) There is no manhole in the house. When they put in a new lead in cable, do they have to dig a tunnel or something at my front yard?

(3) What is the best alternative if they cannot put a new lead in cable or cannot fix the existing one?

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This is already done:

As your telephone service through a different provider (TPG), you contact them which in turn will prompt telstra wholesale to do their stuff. 


Getting Telstra to come out earlier than 20 days or getting this escalated may require you to contact TIO. There is only so much TPG can do to push Telstra. 


You should focus on getting the home phone working i.e. can make/receive calls and have a solid dialtone with no crackling on the line.


Having multiple sockets in a house is common. Most 2 bedroom apartments I've lived in have had 2 phone sockets. One of the sockets will be your main and works with Internet.


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We'd like to look into it to understand the situation. Please shoot me a message with your TPG username or CID number.


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It's actually a Telstra person but a contractor for Telstra who only gets 50 a job so they won't spend a lot of time on the job, good luck we gave up