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NBN Cable Broadband with Asus GT-AC5300

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Good Afternoon


We currently have Cable internet where we use a NBN Cable modem which is connected to the wall outlet then has a Black RJ45 Cable which runs from the back of the modem and plugs into the WAN port on the back of the TPG Supplied TPLink Router .


My Question is has anyonehad success in getting a  Asus GT-AC5300 Router to work ?


Seems Straight forward in i add my username and password under the WAN settings on the router then plug the RJ45 Cable that comes from the back of the cable modem into the WAN port on the AC5300.


Problem is does not want to connect .


any feedback would be great

are there any ip settings / dns settings etc i need to add ?


Hi @dphythian 


The thing you need to know if you'll use a third party modem/router is if your service is under the NBN bundled with VoIP plan or the NBN data only plan.


If it's under the bundled plan, the VoIP service will not work, but the internet should work as long as you set the modem/router to PPPoE with VLAN ID to 2.


If under the Data only plan, then you just need to configure the device to PPPoE.