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NBN Dropouts & slow download - Gold Coast, Benowa 4217

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Dropouts of less than 1 minute since September.

Now experiencing slower than normal download speed last 2 weeks.



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Yes, the 'magic' of a factory reset of your modem.


I read most of the issues posted here and 90% of them would be fixed with a factory reset of the modem.

I'm astounded it's not one of the first things suggested by a T1 helpdesk attendant.

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Level 5

+ modem, router power cycle fixed issue last week  (end of October)

+ modem, router power cycle did not fix issue Mon 2-Nov-2020  10:36am

> rang TPG Tech Support  11:55am

Level 5

+ First Level Support could not resolve

> handed over to Second Level Support could not resolve

> will get a call back from Engineers within 48 hours


Hi @garythomann13


Welcome to the Community! 


There are many factors which is outside of our control that may affect the NBN services, such as the performance of third party suppliers and equipment, force majeure events and your hardware and software configuration.


Nonetheless, our Engineering team is now looking into this and should be in touch via phone call or SMS for any updates available. 


We apologise for the inconvenience. 




Level 5

+  Current nbn™ network status

>  "green light"  No outage detected

+ Ping of 9ms,  Download of 18.8 Mbps,  Upload of 37.7 Mbps

> upload normal for me and download 1/4 of normal for me Smiley Happy

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sms from TPG


TPG: Thanks for recently calling us. Download our new TPG App to test speed, lodge faults, update details, payments & more at (do not reply)
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+ phone call from TPG support but no voice (or playing silly or voip issue their end Smiley Happy

+ phoned TPG support, auto call back in 20 

+ sms 1-2 minutes later


TPG: Ticket #10937812: We have raised the issue to NBN Co. We will update you within 12-24 hours. Thank you.


Level 5

+ auto call back, then ended lol Smiley Happy

Level 5

+ Ping of 12ms, Download of 15.8 Mbps, Upload of 36.8 Mbps  on a 100 Mbps plan

Level 5

+ Ping of 9-12ms, Download of 75-85 Mbps, Upload of 35-38 Mbps  on a 100 Mbps plan

> looks we are back to normal Smiley Happy

> so no change to ping or upload rates just the download down to about 1/4 of normal