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NBN FTTN constant dropouts for a few months now

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When we first got the NBN it was great however over the last few months it continually drops outs.


current plan = NBN FTTN 50


account ID = 3259005


Hope a mod can help because the chat thing always says "try again later"


Thanks Kris



Hi calicali,


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How often those drop outs are happening? are you using wireless or wired connection?


I have been checking you internet service. Have you power off and on theTPG modem. Make sure the power adaptor is 12VDC and  2A, it is labeled on it.


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dropouts are 10 to 15 times a day.  The modem plugs into the wall with a phone cable and I have both wired and wireless devices connected to the modem.  When we have a dropout all devices lose internet.


The power plug is 12v and 2 amp.  It is the power plug that came with the modem.  The modem gets reset and turned on and off every few days to hopefully fix the internet. however, it doesn't..

Level 1c

Dropped out 7 times that I know of today.  Any other ideas?

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my connection is also dropping out all the time for past few more than ever

Level 1c

Your service really is trash.  For the last 5 days your online chat site constantly says "Our team members are currently serving other customers. We appreciate your patience. Please try again later." I managed to actually chat with someone yesterday. after about 45 minutes they finally replied with there are some problems and an engineer will call me back in up to 3 hours, that was 19 hours ago.  I have not received a call.  I also have not received any more replies here for 4 days.