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NBN HFC - Congestion/High Ping during peak period.

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I have been receiving ping times in excess of 100 (usually minimum) and up to 250 during peak periods. Due to these times, I have been unable to use any online gaming platforms due to the fact that these are simply unusable with this ping times. I have been in contact with the TPG engineering team, and they have told me that these specifications are within the allowed and there is nothing that they can do about it. I was explicitly told that I would have to "accept it". 


I know exactly how CVC works with ISP's, and my current situatuon is obviously due to CVC congestion. I have recently been in contact with a "Senior Cancellation Officer" and they have told me that I would need to incur a $350 fee to terminate my contract (although it is unusable for myself during peak periods). I have seen all of the ACCC about customers being refunded with all the different ISP's currently providing NBN.


I'm wondering on this forum if anyone has experienced this exact issue as I need to change ISP's as soon as possible as it has nearly been a month without a proper connection of a night time?


Hi @jackmorris1804,


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We'd like to look into your account to understand the situation.


Please shoot me a private message with your TPG username or customer ID number. We'd like to assist in the best possible way we can.


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Based on the test results sent by you and those done by our network engineers the increase in latency is recorded on the 2nd hop. This means that the issue could be anywhere from your premises up to the 2nd hop router.

Our team has looked into TPG's end, especially the bandwidth part, our network engineers have advised us that we have enough bandwidth even during peak hours and their test did not reveal any network issue within TPG's end.


If there is an option to do the trace route from your modem/router to TPG instead of from your computer then that would be recommended, this would remove the factor of the internal network. It would be best that no internet activity is conducted during the time that the test is done.


As I understand a senior member of our technical escalations team is in touch with you in order to investigate this further, we are hoping for a quick resolution to your concerns.


Kind regards,
Joseph D