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NBN Speed Upgrade Offer

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I opted in to the free upgrade from NBN50 to NBN100 for $79.99/month for 12 months. The change to NBN100 was supposed to happen between mid-April and end of May. It's now 1st June and we are still on NBN50 and paying 79.99/month.

Could you please follow up and inform me why the speed has not been changed

I have tried to put this in a private message on the app but I keep getting a rejection email saying it was undeliverable. Code 5.3.0 - other mail system problem 550-'Rejected - DMARC policy'

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Same here. I rang them twice, they promised to fix it, but nothing happened so far. Maybe need to call again. 

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Same issue here. Haven't rang yet though. I have completely powered off my router for 5 minutes at this moment and still nothing.

Community Manager

We'll make sure this gets sorted. Drop me a private message. @Laila 


We've got your message too, @mollysa. We'll get back to you over there ASAP.



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I called them twice in April and in May, both times spent almost an hour with them, as they kept me on hold and transferred to different departments, promised that soon I'll get an email confirming speed changes, but still nothing. I don't feel to call again and waste my time for nothing. 

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Hi, thanks for getting in touch. I've sent you a private message.
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Waiting for the speed upgrade too. When will this be applied? Opted in back in March and have not heard anything.
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Same here, what is the problem???

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Same here, rang a few days back, promised to fix by the next billing cycle.
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Same here. Clicked the email link and signed up in good time, Thought there may be some delays and would get done by end of May at the very latest. Having been a NBN Fiber customer without any issues since installation other than to replace the backup batteries using my own initiative, never had any reason to call support.


Yesterday, switched off my router, and reset the NBN FTTP box in case they needed to pick up any new settings off the network. No speed change when they came back online.


Called customer support 24 hours ago, and they said another 'upgrade specialist' would call me back shortly.


Been a customer for over twenty years. I've used dialup at 75bps, 300, 1200/75, 56K, through to ADSL, and now FTTP. I even beta tested all the prototype Netcomm modems as I previously lived up the road from their R&D division in North Ryde, and set up a few BBS in Sydney. I even have a few functional GPO Post Office 75bps 19" rack mount modems, saved for the rolled gold circuit boards worth their weight in gold content. If I concentrate, I think I can still whistle the modem connect string for the D1ck Smith BBS (including the password). Yeah, I've been around the telecomm traps you might say.


Even previously had a NBN100 special offer for a while with no issues, so I know my equipment is certainly capable.


First time I have been tempted to search for other providers, as TPG have foolishly parted ways with my TPG email address foisted off to a third party provider, so I have no reason left to remain a patient loyal customer.


You would think that existing long term customers would be looked after, not just new customers with special deals. The letter back in February brightened my day and I though maybe just, they had rewarded me for loyalty, but now I have a sour taste about how this has festered.


Any assistance would be appreciated - even a email as a followup for those customers that were notified in February, that the delayed upgrade issue is being addressed and some expected time scales would be better than wondering what has happened. Your support lines may receive less calls as well if customers are brought into the picture as well.