NBN drops out

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Hi team
From February my connection is persistently dropping out. Each Monday since then customer service is giving me new CRQ ticket for nbn maintenance work that is planned until Friday each week. My question is why this maintenance work is not published anywhere and is there any SLA for ticket opened. Maintenance work from Monday to Friday for almost a month is unbelievable and with this approach I worry it can continue forever. Thanks.
Level 2
My NBN connection has been unusable today. From mid afternoon onwards.

What is going on?

I have 40 pages of router logs that look like this:

ID Time Type Level Log Content
289 2019-03-18 15:45:50 PPP Error ppp3
290 2019-03-18 15:45:50 PPP Error ppp3 Timeout waiting for PADO packets

Hi @AL1122


We have likewise replied to your post located here:


Apologies for the trouble regarding the connection issues. 


We'll continue to monitor the account and provide an update as soon as it becomes available. 

Thank you. 


Hi @racer_x


Thanks for raising this to us. 


I have escalated the issue now to our Engineering Team. Kindly allow them sometime to investigate the issue. 


An update should be provided within the next 24-48hrs. 


Should you require additional assistance or has further queries, please don't hesitate to let us know.