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NBN installation is nightmare

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I have been with TPG in the past 6-7 years, i am always happy with TPG until I move house.


I was under unlimited ADSL plan before, but force to join NBN becuase my new place is under NBN network. I was told that I cannot keep using ADSL if the suburb is already having NBN. Under no choice, I have to switch to NBN.


The date to switch over was 12 April, but up to now, I still have no internet/phone. A tech guy came out and told me that there is infrastructure issue need to be fixed by NBN first, he asked me to check back with TPG after few days. I did follow up with TPG, the customer hotline girl said a case officer will call me back the next day, but I did not receive any call back, I called again today to folllow up, have been transferred by the operators by 2 times, and finally get in contact with a senior case officer. He told me that NBN need to fix the issue and the indicative date is 30 May 2018. I told him I keep paying the money for the service I cannot use, how would that be fair? Is anything TPG can do, say wavie the monthly payment? He said something i have signed something no pursue of compensation before switch over, so I cannot pursue anything... he suggested me to go back to the old house to use internet or terminate the contract with TPG... Really? I already moved, how could I go back to old place to use internet? I am really piss at that moment, I understand it is not TPG's fault, but TPG could do better. If TPG don't want to wavie that monthly payment, could TPG provide ADSL service to me in this month till the point I can have the NBN? or could TPG provide me free unlimited data mobile usage for this month? Why the senior case officer just ask me to go away... is this the way TPG treat their loyal customer?


This whole NBN thing really is a nightmare! I already have no internet connection for 23 days, and still need to wait to 30 May, and that's not a guarantee to fix the problem...


I am very disappointed on NBN and how TPG treat their customer!



Stephen (ID#XXXXXXX)


Hi spiderchon,


Welcome to the TPG Community!


We are unhappy to see that you've had such experience. Sounds like this situation may benefit from being escalated internally to reach a resolution.


Based on our records, we've seen that one of our Case Managers has already been in touch and advised you that we have identified an issue within the core network controlled by the NBN™ Co and they may have to do additional work on the infrastructure before they can complete the installation of your service. Please understand that this technical limitation is beyond TPG's control.


We realise how frustrating this has been but rest assured that your case is being dealt with utmost priority. Apologies as we do not provide interim service, but will raise your concern about the adjustment to the Case Manager assigned. An update will be provided as soon as it becomes available.


I would appreciate if you could send via private message your best contact number as well as your most convenient time to receive a call so I can organise a call back to be made from our Provisioning Team. 

We apologise for the inconvenience caused. 



Hi @spiderchon


Just an update, one of our Case Manager will be in touch today. 


Please let us know should you need further assistance. 



Level 2
I have got a call and voicemail from the case manager. However, not much help is obtained. She did not promise to waive the monthly fee (as I do not receive the services I paid for, I still have no internet connection, I have to pay extra for my data usage as I have no wifi access). I asked for alternatives such as provided unlimited mobile data in this difficult period when I am waiting for TPG/NBN to fix the problem, the best she could do is TRY to get approval for 12G mobile data... still no guarantee, I don’t know how long I need to wait to get an positive answer.

Regarding the connection issue, she just updated me the same situation, there is infrastructure issue and NBN need to fix it, the indicative date is 30 May 2018.

BUT, I am confused. I just got a letter from NBN today, the heading is “Inspection and maintenance notice”, the dates provided are “our construction partner intends to conduct relevant activities at the property between 30 May 2018 and 16 Oct 2018”.

What is that mean? I need to wait till Oct to get my internet connection?

This is far below my expectation, TPG could do better! PLEASE provide me a workable solution!

Hi spiderchon


We'll have the information verified directly with NBN™ Co by our Case Manager as to what the letter pertains to. As stated above, we rely on their infrastructure to provide the service in your area as well as the availability of the schedule for any installation and/or repair.


I'll organise a call back to be made first thing tomorrow as their department is already closed for tonight. Should you have other preferred time to be contacted, please do let us know. 


We appreciate your patience. 



Level 2
Thanks for your prompt reply. I am looking forward TPG and NBN could resolve the issue ASAP, my life without internet is very miserable... sigh!

We understand what the service means to you, spiderchon


Our Provisioning team is working double-time to have this issue resolved. They should be in touch with you tomorrow morning for further updates. 




Good day @spiderchon,


Your assigned case manager will be in touch within the day to provide updates with the request.


Thank you for your patience.



Level 2

Now I was told I will have a 12G mobile data for 3 months to wait for the NBN issue be resolved. It will be in a new SIM card and I have got a message saying it will be sent to me and request me to attend to an email re something direct debit authorisation. I have not received the say email yet or the SIM card, probably need some time.

Thanks for the help provided, looking forward to the nbn connection, wish all issues could be resolved within 3 months.

Sounds great!

Thank you for the update @spiderchon.


We will continue to push for a resolution with NBN Co and you will be updated as soon as we have additional information with the installation. In the meantime, if you have any further enquiries or require general information on the matter, contact us here and we'll be sure to get this coordinated for you.