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NBN outage - is there a way to know?

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This saturday we had outage in our area,  We are on HFC, so foxtel was down too. Many friends in our subub had outage. It took 3hrs to restore. I did lodge fault with TPG and they promptly excalated.


TPG had no idea that there was an outage. Nor NBN lists outage for consumers. Well even if NBN only reports to retailers but if they don't get reports in reasonable time or they cant lst it in time then how are we suppose to know it.


Surely when network goes down NBN will know it straightaway. What SLA they have with retailers to pass it to the customers? Why NBN or TPG can't txt consumers as soon as a outage has occured.


Why TPG has to wait for customers to report then request NBN to share it and then no idea what happens from there.?


If anybody knows here how to check outage please do share? If TPG has a site to share outage that is updated hours after faults is fixed or may not list all outage then what is the purpose of that useless information?



Hi @tps1212,

The outage in your area last 21st of April is caused has identified a power interruption in the area which is impacting the NBN network.

There are many factors outside of our control that may affect NBN services, such as the performance of third party suppliers and equipment, force majeure events and your hardware and software configuration.

We reserve the right to perform maintenance work from time to time, which may temporarily interrupt your access to the service. Where possible, we will perform this work during non-peak times.


Let me know should you require further assistance.


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I am one of the most satisfied and loyal TPG customer. Last 2 yrs I never had any problem and I can tolerate  outages planned or fault related. 


So outage is NOT A ISSUE HERE. I am asking what mechanism is there to notify outage to customers?


Issue is an outage due to fault even due to 3rd party will be known to NBN in real time. What mechnism has been placed by NBN to notify outage direcly to consumers or thru retailers? and what if any it is? check a website? Can we register for SMS notification?


Also how fast can they notify? so even if there is a mechanism if it notifies after 30 minutes. By that time many cosnumers would have wasted time trying to contact or find out what went wrong.


It looks to me at present there is no way to notify a fault related outage to customer.


Hi @tps1212,


While we do not send out notifications via SMS or email advising customers of the outages, we regularly update our Service Status website and we suggest that you check it once you've experienced an issue with your service.


Kind Regards,

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>> we regularly update our Service Status website


Thanks I have been ther but what exactly it mean? Are you saying as soon as a fault cause outage it will be updated? Does it gets updated for every outage? 


I don't think it listed the outage we had. I doubt it lists every outage and in time.


BTW the fault has been fixed on saturday but since then NBN is randomly going down for 2 to 3 minutes, 2 to 3 times every day.


IT NEVER HAPPENED IN LAST 2 YEARS. Clearily the issue seems to be not completely resolved. Can you update or please log it as new issue with random drops.


I understand it may not be TPG fault and you do escalate quickly but if you guys can be more responsive with outgae update as well it will be even better.