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NBN100 - downstream speed is down 10%

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I can't wifi test my desktop PC as there is no wifi adapter, it is ethernet only.
I ran two speedtests on my mobile phone and results where 56 down / 26 up.. then 32 down / 30 up... though my phone is old and rubbish Smiley Wink

Then I completely disable wifi (via the wifi disable button on top of the modem), and run another test on my pc.. PC via ethernet is only single connected device - results are much the same.
There has been workers at the node frequently in the past week, connecting other houses I assume.. I wonder if this has affect my connection somehow


Thank you for the update, @vagrant1779.


It is still running within specification based on the sync rate of your modem. We can't detect any fault within the NBN network as well.


Here's a community link that will guide you on How to check the connection speed on your NBN FTTN.


Observe the Downstream and Upstream if they'll go down as it will be the basis of your current internet speed.


Should you require further assistance, please let us know.



Level 1c

Ok, I swapped out the longer dsl cable I was using with the one supplied in box.
This increased the modem sync speed to 84155 down / 32690 up respectively.
However all speed tests I conduct are still the same, regardless of time of day... 75-76Mbps down.

This I don't understand... why are the speedtests now always 10% less than the modem's reported sync speed?
Please remember that I was consistently getting over 80Mbps up until last week..


Hi @vagrant1779


At the time of this post, I can see that the sync speed is 83.3Mbps. I also performed a test on the modem and transfer rate appears to be averaging at 78Mbps. I understand that you've powercycled the modem already. Can you try performing a reset this time and see if that will boost the transfer rate?




Level 1c

Ok, I reset the modem to factory settings via its internal settings.
The only custom settings I had were some port forwarding.

After resetting to factory, I power cycled again and let it configure.
Speed tests are still the same.. downstream ~76Mbps


Hi @vagrant1779


To better assist with this concern, we'll have our Technical Team reach out to you. Can you send us a PM of your best contact number and preferred time for a call?



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@Shane wrote:

Hi @vagrant1779,


The slight speed degradation you're getting with the service might be affected by the modem/router's connection to xender  discord  omegle  our network. If the modem has been connected more than 3-5 days now you may experience slow connection. Have you tried rebooting the actual modem?


If this has been done, to better understand the status of the speed of your service. We'd like to get your account details (Username/Customer ID together with the address on file).



Please post a screenshot of the speed test result on this thread. We'd like to confirm if the speed issue occurs on the device(s) connected via Wi-Fi. If so, we did an article that you may find helpful. This will guide you on how to improve your wireless connection at home. Feel free to visit the link below.