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I am currently on the NBN-50, and I'm not getting the advertised speed of 45 MBps.


Wifi 5G http://tpg.speedtestcustom.com/result/00124070-7fd1-11ea-9e3f-3fa914d7fcc1


Wifi 2.4G http://tpg.speedtestcustom.com/result/410f36f0-7fd1-11ea-bba4-43d887b7ecb7


It is clearly not just me in the household experiencing this issue.

My other two mates both have tested with their devices.


We have tried everything possible, less simultaneous users, reset wifi-modem, reset NBN modem, we have done everything.


Please do a Remote Refresh on our service. I will monitor the speed, if the speed continues to be lower than the advertised 45MBps (I AM EVEN SATISTFIED WITH 60 ms and 35-40 MBps) I will report you for the overexaggeration of your ad, and get everything refunded.



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Can you do the speed test with a computer connected to router by cable?

Can you do the wifi speed test with your devices next to the router (2.4 and 5)?

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I don't have another ethernet cable so i cannot test it, and my device is literally right next to the router.

ALSO This NBN plan must not provide the advertised 45 MBps only with ethernet cable.

You must provide us average of 45 MBps all the time.


It is NOT the multiple devices connection issue, as I was home alone just then and experienced high ping and low download speed. This occurs ONLY during the peak hours, from around 7:00 PM up to approximately 9:30 / 10:00 PM.


I AM 100% SURE from other users' complaints / messages on this forum,  CVC (Connectivity Virtual Circuit) that you use during the peak hours to allow more connections than usual, has an issue because HUNDREDS of users are experiencing HIGH PING during the peak hours.


If you cannot provide us the advertised download speed and ping during all hours, we request a full refund of the starting fee, as this is garbage and waste of money if we have to experience slow internet at the peak hours.

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I can't help you with this. Your speed is slow by any measure.

You should make a new post because a moderator probably won't look at this thread again.