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Not getting emails on home Microsoft Outlook

Level 2

Hi. As of yesterday, I am not receiving my TPG emails on the home computer's Microsoft Outlook. Is it to do with TMC becoing responsible for the TPG emails? If so, do I need to reconfifure my Outlook? if so, what are the new parameters, please.

Thanks m


Hi @grabman0,


Please make sure to check the settings of your email client. You may refer to this link:


You may also try logging in to Post Office to confirm that your email(s) is working. 



Level 15

Hi @grabman0 . You're another user that TPG thinks has made changes to mail client settings.

How old is your Outlook?
I use an old version of Windows Live Mail and after the kerfuffle today, my client can't connect.

Mine is being affected by this:

Please note: From 7 November 2022 onwards we will no longer support TLS versions 1.0 and 1.1 for email.

They've finally got around to doing this because my TLS version was working yesterday.

I'm thinking of switching to Thunderbird which supports Win7.

P.S. Mail is still on TPG even though there is a TMC login screen.


@Ahra_G  @BasilDV  @Shane 

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Thanks for asking @david64. My Outlook is quite old (Win7) but last night I managed to open a “new” account with the TPG email address. It seems to work, for now, so I have recreated my folders from the original set up and moved the contents. So far so good …





Level 2

Thanks for the link @Ahra_G. It worked only partially. I used the default setting which differe to what was in the link you provided. I'm good for now, I think.