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Port 500 & 4500 blocked by TPG

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Hi @david64 

Another thing i observed, copied the IPv4 address from the modem page and ran the nmap

ports 500 and 4500 are blocked.

port closed.png



@Uzie . I can't explain the different operation you have noticed. You could try Wireshark to capture what happens on the direct internet connections which stop working.

The ports 500 and 4500 are things your work computer connects to at he work end. They are not relevant at your end.

On work computer, do   netstat -an

You should see ports 500 and 4500 with your work address. Port forwarding is not needed.

Regarding the last nmap, the Sagemcom has no port forwarding rules and the ports are not open on either of your computers. They are seen as Closed.



@Uzie . One further thing to try.

Reboot work computer.

Do ipconfig command and ping and tracert to and

Make VPN connection. 

Do ipconfig command and ping and tracert to and These tracert should be different from the frst ones because these are being done as though you were at work.

Switch back to the local command window.

Do ipconfig command and ping and tracert to and

How do the tracert paths compare between the two times done on local command window?

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Not sure if this is relevant, but suddenly I cannot connect to ExpressVPN. Can't connect suddenlyCan't connect suddenly


@eadie . Is this still a problem?

Can you access the internet without VPN?

Can you access ExpressVPN on another device?