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RE nbn extreme delay (over 2 months)

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Hi there,


I am enquiring about the delay on the NBN instalation and what can be done in the mean time?

When I signed up, I was advised that it would take up to 10 business days, however, a week after I was advised of a delay and that it would take over 2 months.

I called the support service last week and explained that I, sometimes, work from home, other then mentioning being able to use internet for other purposes such as watching a movie. 

I was advised that they would send me a pocket wifi or a simcard to support me with internet until the instalation day but I have not heard back.

I am currently paying extra to my phone plan as I ran out of data, so I am wondering if TPG will do something about it or if I should cancel my plan and try another company? 

I do understand the delay and as I mentioned on my call, I am happy to wait, as long as I am provided with some type of internet in the mean time. 

Vodafone, for example, provides you with a pocket wifi with unlimited data until your NBN is activated. Can TPG provide something like that?




Hi @jehbycz92 


Thanks for raising this with us and we apologise for the inconvenience.

All service providers are affected by the issue/shortage within the NBN HFC equipment that caused the delay in the installation of the said technology.

We've created an article that explains this here: Delays in connecting some premises to the nbn™ HFC network


We'll raise your case with our NBN Service delivery team and have someone call you today for further discussion.