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Level 1b
I binged on the weekend.
Went over my peak time data limit.
Received an Email telling me so and that my peak time speed would be reduced, fair enough.
I have been cut off completely and was told by a tecnician that i can only use my connection between 2:30 and 8:30 am, off peak..
Is this shaping as promised in both the glossy brochures and the email?
Or throttleling as explained by the second technician I spoke with today.
Was I lied to at sign up and yesterdays Email?
Poor, TPG, poor.

Hi @Mctavish32 


Welcome to the Community!


From what I can tell, you subscribe to an NBN12 plan with 100GB allocation for the month. From the said monthly data allocation, 50GB is for Peak (8:30AM - 2:30AM) and 50GB for Off peak (2:30AM - 8:30AM) periods. Once you have exceeded the allocated data, your speed will be shaped to 128Kbps until the end of the current billing cycle.


As discussed with you by our Engineering Team, your account is currently throttled during Peak period since you have already used up more than the 50GB allocated data. You can view your usage history by logging in to your online account.


For reference on how to check your data usage: TPG My Account - Checking your calls and usage online


The throttling of accounts for Limited Plans once the monthly quota has been exceeded was noted in the brochure that was attached to the email that was sent to you back in August 28, 2017.


You may opt to upgrade to an Unlimited plan or wait until the next billing cycle. Let me know if you need further clarification or if you have other questions or concerns so we can look into it further.



Level 1b
My point exactly, shaped, not cut off completely in peak.
I have no connection.

Hi @Mctavish32 


You are right, the connection should still work while waiting for the next billing cycle.


We'll chase this with our Engineering team and have someone to call you today.


If you have a preferred time and best number to be contacted, please send it via PM to me.




Level 1b
Still no joy.
No problem finding the off switch.
Only solution, from all but one I
have spoken to, seems to be an upgrade.
Is this how it works?

Hi @Mctavish32


Although your account is throttled for Peak period, you should still be able to use it, albeit at 128Kbps speed. In addition, you should still be able to use the connection during the Off-peak period.


From what I can tell, the Technical Specialist you spoke to earlier has raised this back to our Engineering Team. We'll chase this up as well.




Level 1b

HI @Mctavish32,


I understand that you're currently unable to go online and for that I'm truly sorry. Nonetheless, I have already coordinated your case to our Engineering Team. Further updates will be communicated to you directly via SMS or phone call by one of our Engineers.



Level 1b
Still no connection or recent contact.
New ticket number so new place in queue?
It has been a week now more or less.
Get it sorted and I will upgrade.
Getting close to exit though.

 Apologies for the trouble this is causing you, @Mctavish32


The Engineer is currently checking the status of the network as it appears the the modem is detecting a signal but is unable to connect to our server. 


I've requested for a call back to be made as soon as an update becomes available.