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Slow 5g home broadband … why?

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It seems things were too good to be true ... we still seem to have issues and outages every day around noon and every evening around 7pm where the internet stops for 5-10 minutes before coming back on. This weekend has been particularly poor with virtually no internet all day yesterday and marginally better today but still spotty.

If it works at all it is anything from 0 to 26 Mbps download. Since switching to 5G the average download speed has been about 33Mbps, I have had over 100Mbps occasionally but I need to be standing next to the modem. 
Yesterday the modem stopped working and all the signal lights flashed on and off for about 20 minutes before resetting itself ... when it does work only 2 of the 4 signal lights are on. 

I'm afraid this is just not acceptable and I am prepared to give TPG one more chance and that will require putting us back on to NBN (which I was on prior to 5G) and if we can't get decent performance there we will be moving on. Ian


Hi @Iancm


We've responded to your previous post here.


Please avoid posting multiple times as it takes us away from responding to other customers.


Thank you.