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I have recently posted a question asking on ways I could get a better connection but I am starting to believe there is no way for me to get a better connection without help from the community or maybe it's just the internet provider that is messing up somewhere. I have tried everything I could think of but I haven't tried moving the modem/router I believe that might be a little bit of the problem but I don't see why it should have a big impact on my connection. currently, I am receiving 1 bar of wifi and it is terrible I have done multiple speed tests close and from my usual workspace and there are some changes but I can't be next to my modem/router all the time.
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Hi @David1,


We have likewise replied to your post located here:


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Just basing on your screenshots.

Issue seems to be with the Wi-fi signal.

Both picture have weak Wi-Fi signal and weak Wi-Fi signal will result to slow internet speed.

In your case you may want to consider getting a wireless extender