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Slow internet

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I dont work for or am associated with TPG. I have an account with them, hence joining the community since I have an IT, telecoms and ISP background which can be useful to some of these discussions Robot Happy


orbistat already made useful comments to this thread that added value to the conversation. Next step is a line test from the back end for the mods to organise. They normally reply within 48 business hours.


p.s. whats wrong with whisky? it is a valid solution Smiley LOL




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Yes, I'll be at home at 6PM.


Great! I have notified our Tech team and they will be in touch with you at 6PM.



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Quick update on this.


A technician called me yesterday 6pm.

He's done some test and confirmed there is no problem with my modem, and he said he'll organize schedule for actual fix.

about 10 minutes later, I've got text which says Telstra technician will come and fix the issue until Friday.

I'll update it later when he comes.


Sounds great!


Our Engineering team is monitoring the account and they'll be in touch once Telstra gave us an update with the technician report.


Should you require any assistance, please let us know.


Kind regards,

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Looks like TPG prove you wrong Luke, maybe you should waste away your time somewhere else. 

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Quick update on this.


I've got call from TPG who said, Telstra has done their work, but speed is stilil the same.

TPG made another appointment on Thursday afternoon for a technician to come and investigate/fix