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Some sites won’t load

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Since 18 November, certain websites and apps on my phone and streaming services on my TV won’t load. Neither Prime Video nor Netflix are working. Certain websites do not load either, including TPG's service status page. Ironically I can access the TPG app on my mobile data and it tells me my “internet is online”.

I have rebooted my modem/router many times, and restarted both phone and TV but the problem persists.

I thought it might be a bandwidth issue so upgraded my plan from 25 to 50 Mbps - still not working.

I can’t find anything related to NBN or TPG issues in my area - please help!
Level 15

Hi @Janette9 . Regarding your phone, are there any problems when using mobile data?
Is it only when the phone is connected to the router's wifi?

Can the phone access some web sites but not others?

Can you list two of these "certain" ones you can't access.

Do you have a computer? Does it have the same problems with these web sites as the phone?
Can the computer access Netflix?

Does the TV say it is connected to the router's wifi? Does the router say the TV is connected?

Can you recall if anything network-wise happened on 18th?

Level 2
No issues at all loading anything on my phone regarding mobile data. Here are some recent websites I couldn’t access on wifi but loaded immediately when I switched to data:

Alas no computer but my Apple TV says it’s connected to the router and vice versa. As mentioned, some apps on the tv work - Disney for example - but others don’t - Prime or Netflix.

Nothing at all happened that I know of - it was all working perfectly fine the previous day.
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@Janette9 . What model router do you have?

What browser is on your phone?

When you try to access one of those websites on your phone via router, do you get any message? 

Does the message come quickly, or does it take a minute or more?

Do you get far enough to get the lock symbol in the address bar? 

Can you access Netflix on your phone via router?

Can you look in the router admin to see what DNS addresses are used. Are they the normal TPG addresses or something else? 

You've rebooted the router several times so you will have had a range of ip addresses. I don't think that all those addresses are being blocked somewhere.

I assume you can access and Post Office.




Hi @Janette9


While performing the suggestions of @david64, kindly send me a PM with your TPG Username or customer ID number to run some tests on our end as well.



Level 2

Router: Archer VR1600v

No error messages when loading webpages, simply a blank screen as per the screenshot. It goes blank immediately and no lock symbol in address bar.

Cannot access Netflix or Prime on my phone either.

I cannot access on wifi. Unsure if Post Office means Australia Post? If so yes I can access that site.

I have a primary and secondary DNS server: And Unsure where I can find what a “normal TPG address” is?

Thank you
Level 15

@Janette9 . By Post Office, I mean TPG's webmail, which is accessed via, so you probably can't access it.

The 2 DNS addresses are TPG's normal DNS addresses.

If you can access most web sites but you can't get TPG web site, they should be able to fix it. There might be a common problem affecting them and the others you can't access.

Level 2
Really appreciate your replies and suggestions for fixing - a lot more help than TPG themselves have been
Level 15

@Janette9 . If still a problem, try clearing the browser cache.

After that, try deleting browser cookies.

Do you know someone with a laptop who could connect it on your network? There is more scope for testing.

Level 2
Things are fixed now! Wanted to update for others having the same issue: took a few days but finally got a call back from TPG, ran through the standard troubleshooting I already did just to check then did a hard reset on my modem. I’ve had this modem since 2018 - when I first joined TPG - and apparently it doesn’t update when it should and needs the hard reset for it to register the new updates. To clarify, TPG had to do something on their end for the hard reset to work so don’t just do this until you have them on the line!

Thank you to @david64 for all this help, really appreciate your time and suggestions.