TPG NBN refunds

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Reading the news:

it appears, TPG will join Telstra and Optus in refunding mislead users with the 100/40 NBN FTTP plans.

How can this refund be claimed? What criteria will be used to determine the rate of refund (i.e. 10-30 AUD)? Will TPG discount the plans for existing users who can't receive the contracted service (e.g. 100/40 for the cost of 50/20)?

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Being in a rural area, I recently switched to wireless NBN with TPG only to discover that the speeds are only slightly higher than with my old DSL. I asked if I could upgrade to the "super fast" speed but this is not available on wireless. My typical download speeds are around 15Mb/s but my upload speeds are higher at around 4Mb/s. Fibre is not an option at this location, so we will be stuck with mediocre speeds forever. On the other hand, the phone package deal is excellent. 

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Interested in knowing this too I have been paying for non existent super fast speeds for over a year!!!


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I'm interested in accessing a refund as well since I'm contracted at 100/40.

I'm unable to get above 45 Mbit down.

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Seriously these guys are throttling our accounts.

Found out today that no one on my node will get above 31 even though we are paying for 50.


This is fraud!!!!


I don't want money back I want what I am paying for and I want others to get it too.


They can't advertise 50 if they can't provide it. It is fraud on a massive scale.

I suspect they are doing it to most of their customers after my chat today.



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NBN Speeds on Fibre To The Node technology can also be impacted by what is known as a co-existense period.


The co-existence period refers to the period of time where:

1. Some homes have already connected to an NBN connection and;

2. Some homes have yet to switch from their existing ADSL connection.


During the co-existence period, which is approximately 18 months from the date NBN is available at your address, homes that connect to the internet can be connected to either NBN and ADSL.


To ensure that NBN and ADSL internet services can co-exist, it may be necessary for the NBN equipment to be powered down so as to avoid causing interference to ADSL users.


This is a reason some NBN users connected to Fibre to the Node NBN are unable to attain some of the higher speeds, simply because the NBNCo equipment is not running at its full capacity as it would interfere with ADSL internet connections sharing the same copper lines. The interference is known to cause drop outs and significantly impact voice quality.


Reports suggest that impacted TPG customers who selected a higher end plan and could not attain a decent line sync speed will receive a letter or e-mail by March 2018. I have included the link below.


Switching providers is not a solution if the speed is being impacted by the co-existence period.


Certainly not ideal


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I have been paying for super fast for 25 months now and getting no where near the advertised speeds. And they had the audacity to disconnect me once as I was late paying by 4 days! They had actually disconnected my service.


Anytime I complained about the speed they would disagree with the results I was getting on speed test sites and tell me I should be connecting directly to the NBN box if I wanted better speeds. Which is why they supply a wifi modem???


This is a massive rip off enabled by the toothless ACCC. And a massive waste of our taxes. I have asked TPG twice and get a robot answer, "you will be notified in writing by blah blah blah"


I want to know how much my refund will be, how they work it out and when it will be back in my account. There will be no CREDIT, I want CASH. Some have suggested the refund will be the difference between fast and super fast, so $40 per month. That is fine by me.


And yes, I have considered in the past to drop down in speed but my concern was I would get even worse speeds. So going forward TPG, what will I be paying and what speeds will I get? I will not continue to pay $110 per month for super fast to get speeds obtained on the fast package.

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When I got NBN the Tech tested my line speed and said you should be able to pull down 14 Mbps, I pull 11Mbps when it's not the evening, my speed drops back to almost dialup speeds!!