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'TPG' Phishing scam email

Level 2

I got this a number of times, fell for it. My bank saw through it5 and have not made a payment and have cancelled my card. They are sending me a new card.

Level 4

I'm getting these daily now. Sender is and

The header regards "Receipt not paid". Same case number each time.

The logo and general layout could fool many users.

ACCC scam watch seems to be gathering statistics, since I suspect there is little they can really do.

Will continue to ignore.


There are security updates on our servers, to ensure that the service will not be interrupted, you Need to update your details It's easily and safety.

The details are:

  • Case ID : #TPG-184-012-548-006
  • Email Address :

 Νote:If you do not update or ignore this message, We will temporarily disconnect Internet service Until You resolve this issue!
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Level 3

This is August 2021 and I am STILL getting these messages!  The words are the same each time, including poor spelling.  Surely thers's a way to filter these to spam - other ISPs can do it.  Legitimate messages go to spam while rubbish like this goes to my inbox - I am using TPG Post Office, so it can't be blamed on my email client.  It is a TPG issue.

Level 3

Another one doing the rounds today. I got one very official looking TPG email from "" , saying TPG security has been upgraded and I will have to update my details or my service will be suspended,  the link is disguised as a Update button.


Hi @Alleycat


Thanks for raising this to us.


Kindly send us a screenshot or copy of the said message in order for us to raise it to our security team. 




Level 3

Hi Ahra-G.

Unfortunately I have already deleted it completely from my sysytem.

I will remember this request if I get any further like this.



Level 3


Today I recieved a phishing Email saying that my Credit Payment was declined and that I could update my details by clicking on the Link (of course I did not click the link I am not that easily conned).

The senders Email was pretending to be TPG Internet, however you can clearly see it is from

From: "TPG Internet" <>
Date: 20 Jun 2022 20:39:48 +0100
Subject: Payment should be received before your billing cycle renewal.

Please arrang to Block this sender from sending anything to TPG.


TPG needs to create a SCAM reporting Email address so that users can easily report a TPG Scam directly..

Scamwatch will not do anything,

TPG can block senders/abusers IP so that they (the scammers) cannot send anymore scam Emails to TPG members.


Regards, Leigh