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TPG email moving to TMC what a mess!

Level 3

Problem #1

For the last couple of weeks I have had constant problems and unhappy that tpg customers were not notified that email configurations may have to change.

I operate with 4 email accounts - all on my tpg service , 3 on 1 PC and 1 on another.

I had to reconfigure my outgoing and incoming smtp and pop3 configuration in thunderbird .

My smtp outgoing is configired as follows - with a config for each email account, this seems to work ok

Server name
Port 465
Connection Security SSL/TLS
Authentication Security Normal Password
User Name xxxxxxxx

on incoming side for each account
User Name
Server Name (somehow Thunderbird sees this as a POP3 server address)
port 995
Connection Security SSL/TLS
Authentication Security Normal Password

In addition when one goes looking for information relating to thunderbird configuration on the TPG website at it is not up to date - in one part it says port 993 and later 995 with connection security SSL/TLS so I have setup to port 995 and it looks like the config is correct so far.

It has taken me a while to get this working

Are these configurations correct???, I think so as all seems fine now.

Problem #2

I have security cameras that used to send me emails (snapshot) on movement detection, They were configured to use one of the tpg accounts I have dedicated for this, however it all stopped with the recent migration to TMC.

Ah - update the cameras smtp outgoing I thought..

The cameras only have SSL as an option but do not connect on port 465 - get newer cameras I thought (these are a bit old now). The new cameras have SSL/TLS on port 465 along with login/password and they still do not work!!! - connection failed... Is there a different port I can try? I have tried port 25 no security and still no go.

Try gmails smtp server I thought on a gmail account I have. Tried outgoing smtp port 465, SSL/TLS - still no go as well as port 25 no security  , I am baffled.

Level 15

Hi @bfittler . The port 993 you saw is for IMAP account. Port 995 is POP3. Sloppy documentation.

What is the model number of the new cameras?

They need to support TLS 1.2 or more to connect on port 465.

Don't know why port 25 no security does not work.

Only other option is port 587 using STARTTLS which is different from SSL/TLS.


Level 3

Hi David,


Chinese cameras (I see your eyes roll) which I take great steps to lock down completely  and were connected via ethernet over power to my router. 


It gets stranger  I discovered just a 20 mins ago that the new cameras work fine on outgoing email connected directly to my router (old cameras do not work in either connection - direct or via tp-link ethernet over power) , so it looks like a couple of issues which only manifested in last few weeks. I have had solar connected also a few weeks ago and hope that it has not introduced noise in the power.

In summary:-

1. some weird issue with the TP-link Ethernet over power with both cameras old and new with encryption configured.

2. Old cameras just not up to the task with "SSL encryption" configuration

So that puts the ball completely in my court lol. It is certainly a head scratcher

Thanks for the help