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Ultrafast FTTP and VLAN requirements

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I read somewhere and was told by a TPG Tech who visited that BYO Modem Superfast and Ultrafast plans dont use VLAN2. But reading Internodes support page all new customers are on VLAN2.


I found that the Supplied TP-Link AVX420-G2h router has issues where it slows down after 30min of being reset. From 940 down to max 250 when ethernet is used. Its fine if just wifi is being used just slows down as soon as an ethernet cable is plugged in - This is a router issue and not an issue with my home network as ran many tests..


I purchased a QNAP SAN router and found it doesn't support VLAN on PPOE.


I had an investigation call back and i asked about it and was told VLAN is a requirement of NBNco for TPG.IINET and internode customers.


I ordered the TP-Link Router as said was a requirement for Phone but the Phone was connected to UniV1 so the router isnt needed.


So far I got the QNAP working using a TP-Link Smart switch with Port one Tagged VLAN ID 2 and port 2 untagged with all other ports not a member and PVID on port 1 and 2 as ID  2. QOS set to 802.1 only.

This works with the QNAP and I get a consistent 460 down.46 up.

This proves the TP-link supplied router has issues.

The max 460down is most likely due to the switch Needing to be used and extra overheads of the VLAN tagging and QOS etc.

I also have static IP so just wondering if VLAN can be turned off so I can use my QNAP SAN router or if it is in fact a NBNco Requirement. I was with Vodafone before and this didnt use VLAN or PPOE.

The QNAP uses a Qualcom quad core cpu with 512mb or ram and built for working from home users so it would be great if this doesn't have to go through a switch to connect. Its proved rock-solid in network stability. Other devices in houses are several TP-Link smart switches and Deco mesh.




Hi @julianvreug . The following won't fix your problem but may clarify a few points.

FTTP connection doesn't use VLAN, and Superfast/Ultrafast (FTTP and select HFC) don't use VLAN either.

With FTTP, the phone connects to the NBN box, not router. Superfast/Ultrafast plans don't provide a phone service.

You should reconnect the VX420 and verify the VLAN setting (I expect it is not used).

The difference with your setup is the static ip; I don't know how that is done in TPG's network. You can check that it is static. Connect each router in turn and restart the connection one extra time and see that your WAN ip address stays the same.

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HI @david64
I'm not with TPG but internode all settings are TPG and goes through TPG eg gateway, DNS etc support is from either iinet, or TPG.
I am definitely on VLAN2 I was told by support all new customers are on VLAN2 which is TPGs network as it's an NBNco requirement
I have static IP as add on including NBN phone. I went with Internode for this reason. And knew it's all under the TPG umbrella

I use to do contract work for both internode and TPG back when rolling out ADSL and SIP phone systems PPOE has stuck around for some time 😂

Hi @julianvreug ,


I confirmed from my counterparts with Node that PPPoE & VLAN tagging is required.


The speed dropping when connected via ethernet cable on the supplied TP Link equipment is indeed odd.


They suggest to reach out to them via their official social media channels or call 13 66 33.



Joseph D