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Unable to connect Apple TV wirelessly to new TPG supplied modem/router

Level 14

Hi @SidneyReilly . Did you resolve printer not connecting to 5G modem? Does printer use 2.4G band only or both?

On your 5G modem (5866T?), do you have access to the wifi settings, or have they disappeared?

Do you have different SSID names, or are they the same?

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Hi David,

Thanks for your message.

I have not resolved the problem with my wireless printer. Canon confirmed it only works on 2.4G.

I thought I had resolved this by connecting my printer to a 2.4G wifi extender, but I’ve never been able to print as I’m told my printer is offline.

I’ve never succeeded in accessing the wifi settings on my 5G modem, even when I had someone from TPG on the phone trying to talk me through it.

I’ll be emailing TPG separately regarding my 5G connection, which has been extremely unreliable over the last few months.


Level 14

@SidneyReilly . Look at this thread. It has URLs which might give access to the wifi settings on the 5G modem. The idea is to change the SSID names to be different from each other. It might allow the printer to connect. The extender might have had the same problem as the printer.

If the URLs don't work, do factory reset on modem. Login immediately and make wifi changes, including security settings. Then PPPoE settings. 


BTW, is there any setting relating to VLAN ID, like on regular routers?


Have you had occurrences of the throughput decreasing after some duration of usage?


Does the printer have a USB or ethernet connection, or just wifi?