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Unusable mobile apps on 5G Home boardband

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Hi all,


Not sure if anyone has encountered something similar. I have been using TPG 5G Home Broadband Premium for almost 3 months. Everything has been fine until recently when I am connected to the WIFI on my phone,some of the apps I used become extremely slow and it's unusable (e.g. reddit , signal messager). Once I switched it back to my mobile data (Optus) or any other WIFI network, everything works fine. 

The strange thing is , if I access the website equivalent (e.g. reddit) on the browser, eveything works fine, only the apps is not usable. 


I have tried : reinstalling apps / clear cache and data / set up private DNS.


Would love some advice on how to troubleshot the issue. 

Thank you. 


Hi @orunitia 


Have you tried to test the app on another handset or mobile phone for comparison?


Did you set the private DNS on your handset?

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I did , several different android devices. Same thing.
Should eliminate device issue.

Yes I set my private DNS on my device to google. figured it would help but it didn't.

Another thing is if i turn on vpn on my device, everything also works fine.
That should eliminate any network speed issues.


Hi @orunitia, send us a private message and we'll lend a hand and sort out the connection issue. 

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I'm having same issue.

Need urgent help. It's like the apps via android devices are blacklisted or something.

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Did this get resolved for you? I have been facing the same issues for a few weeks now, initially thought had issues with my mobile but it worked just fine when I switched to mobile data
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unfortunately no.
I am still waiting for their support to contact me.
I do have a temporary work around though, using a vpn on your phone will makes things work again.

However I still find it ridiculous why would I need to always have my VPN on just because I am using their network.

Hopefully they will have a solution soon.

Hi @sambros, we're gathering as much info on this to help us with the resolution. We'd also like to raise a ticket under your account. Please send us a PM and we'll go from there. 

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Yes, I was having those problems too. The IPv6 on either the TPG/Vodafone side or the Sagemcom router is just broken. I tried requesting a firmware update for the modem to see if that fixed anything, but support just didn't want to. Unfortunately there is no way to disable IPv6, DHCP or edit DNS in the Sagemcom (the DHCP on/off option does nothing).


I just ended up putting another wifi router (with IPv6 disabled) in front of the Sagemcom 5G modem, so creating another layer of NAT. Turned Wifi off of the Sagemcom, and now connect all my end devices to the intermediate router. My service has been brilliant ever since.


It's a shame that the default service out of the box is so broken.

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IPV6 is broken.... never thought about that one.
However, as of today, everything seems working fine with me.
Not sure if it is coincidence or just temporary.